Different Digital Marketing Strategies That Your Business Should Consider Utilizing

Different Digital Marketing Strategies That Your Business Should Consider Utilizing
The Siliconreview
22 July, 2021

These days, there are a range of different marketing strategies that you and your business will have at your disposal in order to promote your business. The digital world has made it easier than ever, here are some examples.

Importance Of A Marketing Strategy

Without an effective marketing strategy in place, you run the risk of your business losing out on sales to competition, purely because they don’t know who you are. Often times, the main reason people buy from a specific brand is because it’s the first they came across on Google, and it was easy.

If you manage to market your business effectively, then you will start to grow your brand awareness, where people will consider you before others. You could market your product generally, or spread awareness of any offers you have on, in order to attract more customers and sell excess stock.

News Sites And Blog Posts

One of the classic ways of marketing is with news sites and blog posts. This is especially true for sites that have quite a big following. For local businesses, you could use your local news site in order to localize your efforts and connect with people who have more of a chance of engaging with you.

It also allows you to specify your marketing. For example, you could market your product on a blog site that is all about your industry, where readers will all be interested in your area. This allows you to market products effectively.

SEO Campaigns

SEO stands for search engine optimization, and is essentially the process of helping to increase awareness or visibility when it comes to traffic coming towards your website. This is a different set of marketing techniques compared to the rest here, with the aim to help increase your audience in a natural and targeted way, with people who may already be interested in your product.

It’s an effective campaign to utilize because it helps to evolve your marketing and brand with the rise of mobile use, as well as local search engine campaigns to get ahead of the competition. It’s also quite cost effective, with consumers coming to your website organically, helping to keep your brand competitive and interesting.

Social Media Marketing

One of the biggest and still growing types of marketing comes in the form of various social media marketing. Most people will be on some form of social media, from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat or even TikTok. The number of users continues to grow, and social media marketing has quickly become one of a businesses most effective tools for reaching potential new customers.

As you may know, most social media platforms will gather cookies and data from those who sign up, which allows advertisers to target consumers with their goods. The data gathered could include information such as interests, job titles and general demographic information that is collected as a user operates through their social media.

The main aim for social media marketing is to promote content that a user will find valuable, that they want to share on their feed to their followers. This will then lead to more users reached, with increased traffic and visibility.

It’s largely effective because it helps reduced the costs associated with marketing whilst also having one of the furthest reaches available. It also can provide almost instant metrics and data that can help provide businesses marketplace insight that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to get.

If companies manage their social media profiles effectively, then they will be able to humanize their brand and seem approachable. You see this a lot with businesses who reply to their customers on social media, making them seem friendly compared to a competitor.

It’s important to get your social media marketing campaign right however, as if it’s done poorly, you run the risk of turning more people away from your products. Use a reputable and highly skilled team of experts, such as LNP Media Group who cover all sorts of marketing, with digital experts on the team who have designed hundreds of successful social media campaigns for all sorts of different businesses.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-per-click advertising is one of the most common methods of marketing you can find on the internet. It’s one of the fastest ways to get results and drive traffic towards your website and reach more people. In most cases, your crafted advertisements will be shown at search result pages, to users who searched specific keywords and relevant terms.

With this type of advertising, you are paying for each individual click, rather than just for how many people see the advert. This not only can help save costs, but it also means the money you are paying will hopefully be returned tenfold with a sale, as they have interest in your product and have found their way to your site.

From there, you just have to make sure you have a well built and capable site that is able to meet customer demands, and is easy enough to use. There’s no point in paying for people to find your website, just for them to find it inaccessible and unhelpful, as this will do more bad than good. At the end of the day, first impressions count for a lot, so you want to get it as right as you can.

Email Marketing

This is a highly effective way of conducting marketing, especially when it comes to finding leads and converting them into sales. What many businesses got wrong when first attempting email marketing, was sending messages that add no value randomly, which end up in folders such as spam or junk.

These days, email marketing is more of an automated process, where it will target specific prospects and customers by attempting to influence their decisions on what they want to buy. You can rate the success of campaigns like this, by measuring how many emails are opened, and how many people click specific links within emails. The strategy and content you employ will be important for success, especially if it’s part of a bigger marketing campaign.

Content Marketing

As you would expect, content marketing is more focused on the goods or services on offer, rather than randomly advertising. The content you use to advertise your product will need to reflect it with honesty, and useful relevant information.

It’s an effective tool as it helps bring in more specific sales, as well as help to grow your overall brand credibility. It will also help align any target markets with relevant information with the sole aim of making sales happen.

Retargeting Marketing

This is a very useful tool for targeting consumers who may not be set on your product. How it essentially works is by following visitors to your websites to other websites, with the aim of trying to bring them back. This could be with an advertisement via Google Ads on the next site they go to, which helps reinforce your products and ideas.

This should hopefully re-engage customers with your business, with the memory still semi-fresh in their head. As an example, the average click-through rate for retargeted ads is 0.7%, which may sound low, but when you compare it to 0.07% rate for classic display ads, you see a big difference.