Why Businesses Should Switch t...


Why Businesses Should Switch to Wireless Networks

Why Businesses Should Switch to Wireless Networks
The Silicon Review
16 July, 2021

For any business operating in today's technological era, a wireless network is a vital component that improves enterprise mobility and speeds up daily tasks like tracking inventory, customer service, and sending emails. It is estimated that in 2021, 22 billion devices worldwide will be connected via a wireless local area network (WLAN). From these statistics, it's safe to say that businesses that have already embraced wireless networks will reap several benefits. This article will help you understand the benefits your business can get from switching to a wireless network.

1. Optimum connectivity

A reputable wireless service provider like McKinstry Wireless can help you create a wireless ecosystem that perfectly connects people and devices in any built environment to improve connectivity, capacity, and safety. These experts help you to establish optimum connectivity by designing and making the most efficient system, help to operate, maintain and monitor the system.

2. Improves responsiveness and information access

Your staff can get the information they need in a matter of seconds, leading to fast response time and improved efficiency. The fact that the network allows portable device connectivity and your employees don't have to move from desk to desk to access information also boosts responsiveness.

3. Improved mobility

Wireless technology allows employees to receive, share and access information on the go, resulting in more cooperative environments for business growth and success. Business owners have in the recent past allowed IT providers to affect the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy where wireless networks are secured for employees to use their own devices so that work can quickly be done. This leads to increased productivity and, consequently, business growth.

4. Eases communication

Gone are the days when business owners held face-face meetings with their customers, employees, and associates.  With a wireless network, people can communicate through instant messaging and email. Meetings no longer have to be on a one-one basis; you can discuss via Zoom, Skype, video conferencing, and webinars. This saves you time and money that you would otherwise spend commuting and hiring meeting halls.

5. Saves costs

Compared to wired networks, wireless networks require fewer physical connections to install and maintain. If your business uses temporary premises, you won't suffer losses associated with moving cables and booths since the wireless network devices are portable and can be moved anywhere.

6. Wider marketing reach

The success of a marketing campaign depends on how many people will see your ad. In digital advertising, marketing reach refers to the number of potential clients you can reach with your campaign. Since most people have their mobile devices' Wi-Fi enabled, they can access the web on the go, and hence the chances of them seeing your ad are very high.

Wireless networks have made it easy for marketers to advertise their products and services on different social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, leading to increased reach.


Before introducing any technological changes to your business, evaluate the short and long-term costs, potential returns on investment, and how much value it will add to your business. As discussed above, switching to wireless networks is beneficial for your business’s online growth and stability.