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GR0W.AI Joins the Closed Beta ...


GR0W.AI Joins the Closed Beta WhatsApp Automation Program

GR0W.AI Joins the Closed Beta WhatsApp Automation Program
The Silicon Review
09 August, 2021

GR0W.AI, an Australian based start-up continues to lead the game inside the conversational AI space by joining a pilot program designed to create new ways for eCommerce businesses to automate and personalize customer conversations that enable consumer-to-business communications at scale, globally.

As of June 2021, WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in the world with over 2 Billion monthly active users in 180 countries. 54% of millennials use WhatsApp daily and the number of US WhatsApp users is expected to hit 85.3 Billion by 2023.

A few years ago Facebook released plans for interoperability between Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp, which means allowing users across Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp (and SMS in the future) to communicate with each other. So, a user on Messenger (who does not have a WhatsApp account) will be able to reach another user on WhatsApp that doesn’t have an account on Messenger or Instagram for example.

In 2016, the ability to create chatbots on Messenger was opened to the public, and in mid 2021, the ability to create chatbots on Instagram was also opened to the public and became Facebook compliant. WhatsApp is now joining the game and soon, chatbots built on any of these 3 platforms are meant to have the same interoperability capabilities.

“This is where we step in, as conversational designers. Our goal is to help online shoppers purchase faster and have unique experiences at every step in their customer journey. Whether that’s pre or post purchase, our conversational AI framework was designed for eCommerce businesses who understand they need to meet today’s online shoppers’ need for immediacy and personalization.” says Liziana Carter, CEO of GR0W.AI.

Online consumers today want to choose the platform they contact a business on and at the same time, are manifesting preference towards having the intimacy in communicating one-on-one with their favorite brands. Businesses that will deliver this at scale and focus on creating subscriber lists on all 3 channels will gain competitive advantage, while others will fall behind.

Through the conversation AI framework that GR0W.AI has developed for eCommerce, they aim to help eCommerce brands automate campaigns to drive sales by creating meaningful interactions with their customers that result in personalized and comfortable conversations that help brands gain more customers who want to stay.

With WhatsApp Automation added to the stack now, the goal is to deliver customer centric omnichannel experiences across 5 channels: Facebook Messenger AI, Instagram DM Automation, WhatsApp Automation, SMS and Email - managed from within a single platform, leading to increased operational efficiency,  higher customer satisfaction and sales.

“True omnichannel will soon be the norm. When you use every channel to engage with customers as a holistic whole, you ensure they are having a wonderful overall experience with the brand throughout each and every channel.” adds Carter.

To learn more about GR0W.AI’s conversational AI framework for eCommerce, visit www.gr0w.ai, connect with Liziana Carter on LinkedIn or email hello@gr0w.ai.