How To Create Value In The Workplace Through Opportunities: A Guide

How To Create Value In The Workplace Through Opportunities: A Guide
The Siliconreview
03 August, 2021

The workplace helps to drive both business performance and employee engagement. Companies are beginning to heavily invest in workplace strategies to provide better support for employee performance. For example, many UK businesses are investing more into corporate wellness.

This can help to drive productivity, but not all workplace strategies are aimed at the right work processes, which are the highest-value activities. Employers need to be almost certain that the workplace transformation projects they implement are helping to drive productivity for work processes that will generate the highest value.

In today’s economic environment, one of the main metrics to defining success is the cost of a workplace transformation project.

Workplace values are the guiding principles, ones that are the most important to individuals about the way that they work. Various meaningful metrics can show how workplace strategies enable value generation. For instance, innovative solutions could enable employees to do the same amount of work in half the time.

If you are wondering where to start, these are some of the first steps to creating a workplace that ensure high-value performance.

  • Identify Core Values - To develop meaningful workplace strategies that boost productivity, businesses must first identify what it is that creates value for their company. Understandably, the cost is an important factor. However, by solely focusing on this one element and ignoring other factors, it will hinder the company from supporting business needs. There is no one size fits all solution as each sector and industry is different. Each company and their location will require different solutions to be successful.
  • Driving Value – To drive value, employers must have a deep understanding of all the work processes which enable value creation. By mapping out an entire solution development cycle, identifying where the highest value process exists and if they are due to concentrated or collaborative work. Working with the team, agree on the processes that create the highest value for the company. Then, put these processes in the spotlight to try and achieve incremental productivity for the business.
  • Creating Balance – Many offices are not equipped to facilitate a focused and collaborative working environment. There are numerous ways to achieve this balanced working space. For instance, having collaborative areas to promote interaction amongst the team or having a no phone zone to help support concentration. In addition to this, having whiteboards or chalkboards available in the office help to stimulate visual collaboration and conversation amongst employees. These are just a few ways of creating a collaborative and focused workplace.

Show That You Value Employees

Offering a competitive wage is not enough to show how much you value your employees. An effective strategy a company can implement to prove that it values its employees is through a combination of recognition and rewards.

Good wages and salaries are nice to have, however, employees do often feel as though they are appreciated when their employers do more than just offer the highest wages in the industry. For smaller businesses not able to pay the highest wage for their employees, these strategies can prove to be effective for showing how much you value your team members.

Allowing Flexibility

For many workers, trying to balance work and family is more important than their salary. Acknowledging that your employees have priorities and commitments outside of the workplace shows how much you, as an employer, value your team members.

To show how you value your employees’ time and commitment is by offering great flexibility to their work times. This includes providing them with compressed work weeks or flexible scheduling, telecommuting options, job-sharing and also generous parental leave policies.

Offering flexibility to your workforce creates a level of trust between you and your employees. They feel as though you trust them and value them as employees to complete the work to the highest standards.

Offering Benefits 

A healthy employee is a happy employee. One of the most effective ways to improve health and wellbeing is through a comprehensive benefits package. Being able to provide the best possible benefits is a guaranteed way to show your employees how much you value them. It could be health benefits, childcare support or even paying for coffees. These are all ways an employer can show his support and appreciation to the team.

Providing a comprehensive benefits package is also attractive to potential employees. Aside from the position, many recruits are also looking for how a business values and treats its employees. Showing that you provide your team with strong benefits will mean you are more likely to have a vast selection of talented individuals applying for roles within your company.

Extended Support For Employees

Offering a benefits package that includes a selection of great opportunities is one way to create additional value for your business. Another way is through offering extended support to your employees. This could include offering to pay for a course that could help to improve their skills or expand their knowledge on a particular area, such as Marketing.

The past 18 months have proven how unpredictable life can be. These unpredictable moments can, unfortunately, have an impact on people’s employment status. Many businesses are looking for ways to reduce redundancies and retain talented individuals. One of the most popular ways is through redeployment. It means that team members are reskilled and transferred to a new position within the company. Redeploying team members shows them the length you will go to as an employer to retain them in the business, as you genuinely value them as an employee.

Understanding redeployment and what is possible can be challenging. However, with support and advice on redeployment from experts, such as Randstad RiseSmart, you can implement strategies in the event of something unpredictable. In doing so, you can support your employees as you help them to grow not only in the company but also excel in their careers.

Proactive With Feedback

Congratulating your employees on their excellent work is one of the sincerest forms of appreciation. It also does not cost a thing. For some employees, all they want is to be acknowledged or complimented on their job performance. Companies that take the time to train their managers and supervisors about how to provide continuous feedback to their employees, may find themselves with few complaints and stronger workplace relationships.

If a workplace feels as though the company values their work, they are more inclined to push themselves to achieve even greater results.

Finding the core values of the company and what drives value to generate the best results is going to take time. There could be many meetings where the team discuss what has proven effective in the past and what could do with improving. There will also be changes within the company to be implemented to help support effective solutions. Once these values and solutions have been established, it won’t be long before the results come pouring in.

Ultimately, workplace values help to drive the attitudes and behaviours that you want to see amongst your team. Some of these values could include maintaining promises, respecting others, showing personal accountability, or even providing an exceptional customer experience. Identifying and understanding the workplace values of successful team members is key to helping you find recruits, who all share the same values.