Innovations that are pushing the cannabis industry forward

Innovations that are pushing the cannabis industry forward
The Siliconreview
26 August, 2021

Have you ever wondered just how the cannabis industry has managed to grow so big in such a short space of time? Are you curious as to what products there are currently available that weren’t available before?

The cannabis industry is full of innovation. These days you will find the industry capitalizing on new technology and the fact that tech is developing ever so quickly. This is one of the biggest contributing factors to the growth of the cannabis industry.

These days cannabis is not only used for recreational purposes but there is a heavy emphasis on the medicinal benefits that one can gain from consuming marijuana, or CBD. CBD is a great example of innovation within this industry. Here are a few products that are pushing the cannabis industry forward.

Dab Rigs

You have most likely heard of bongs before, but have you heard of dab rigs. These pipe-like devices are very similar to that of bongs. They look very similar in their makeup with a chamber for water, and a pipe leading up to the mouthpiece. However, their main difference is that bongs allow you to smoke the actual weed whereas a dab rig allows you to use a concentrate instead.

These concentrates could either be wax or oils. Another key difference is that bongs use combustion to create smoke, while dab rigs, just as those sold by Daily High Club, use extreme heat on a conductive surface. Dab rigs are a great choice for those who don’t want to smoke a joint and risk lung damage that comes along with it. It is also much easier to get a much higher dosage with a much smaller amount of product.


Edibles have been around for a very long time now, but not in the capacity and variety that they are available in today. Essentially, edibles are marijuana-infused foods. When consuming edibles you will experience a much stronger high or effect from the marijuana, which will also last a lot longer.

This kind of consumption method reduces any kind of damage to the lungs whatsoever. When choosing an edible to have, you are no longer just limited to just brownies. Now you will find a selection of baked goods, a wide variety of candies and gummies, and even beverages to try out.

Just make sure that you know how much you are consuming as the effects take a lot longer to kick in and it is easy to go over the top.


Next up we have tinctures. For those who are explicitly using marijuana for medicinal purposes, this is by far one of the best options. Especially if it is being used to treat pain or symptoms of various diseases and disorders.

Tinctures are small drops of marijuana concentrate that are placed under the tongue. This is by far one of the most effective options if you are looking for fast-acting results as this is the quickest way for the compounds to enter your bloodstream and make their way around your body.


Moving on, we have yet another consumption method that is great for medicinal marijuana users. If you are suffering from pain but don’t want to feel the effects of marijuana, you could try a topical approach.

These days there are a variety of topicals including creams, gels, and ointments, that can be applied to the affected area and directly target the pain. This is also good for inflammation.

These days you can even find topical skincare products that will help reduce acne.


Last but not least, we have concentrates. Throughout this article, concentrates have been mentioned. Essentially, these are, are condensed versions of the compound within the marijuana plant, these being CBD and THC.

You can get all sorts of concentrates. For example, you can get ones that are suited to vape pens, but you can also get waxes that are more suited to dab rigs. When it comes to concentrates, there are different options to suit different needs. Sometimes you want something that will give you a stronger high so you would look for something with a higher THC percentage, while other times you don’t want a high at all but just want to relax, so you would look for something that is predominantly CBD.