Predictions for ice hockey: who needs them and why?

Predictions for ice hockey: who needs them and why?
The Siliconreview
31 August, 2021

Ice hockey predictions are now more popular than ever. They are of interest to:

  • bookmakers, in order to calculate the odds;
  • sports journalists - they need to cover events in the media;
  • fans - it is always interesting to know if your favorite team will win and what results the best player will show;
  • bettors - those fans who bet on sports; they want betting to bring a steady income, which will be enough for a comfortable existence.

Professional cappers prepare action lines for their predictions in order to explain the choice of their position. But not all action lines can be written down, so some predictions are given without them.

The market of forecasters: amateurs and professionals

In theory, anyone can write predictions. But will such predictions be reasonable? After all, bettors need specific facts to base their guesses on. And this information must be reliable. After all, there is money at stake, and often the amounts are not small.

Those who know the smallest details of the relations between teams and players have a good chance to become forecasters. For example, these can be sports journalists who cover ice hockey events for a long time or athletes.

It takes time to become a professional capper. In any case, it is recommended to start out small. For instance, to follow sports events on the chosen subject, monitor the results of your predictions, and work on your mistakes.

Those who have already made a few bets gain some experience. They understand that a player’s injury and that they missed the information that the coach had been changed. Misconduct penalties can have a significant impact on the outcome of the match.

It is also important to know the squad - the team composition during the game, whether it is strong or weak. If this particular match is not important for the team, the coach can engage weaker players. Then the stronger players can rest longer before the important match later. It is also important to assess the physical and mental condition of each player and whether or not the declared motivation is relevant to them.

Predictions can be a source of income

Before a person can charge other people for forecasts made by him, a certain test should be passed first, and the results of his work should be provided for free. This is necessary for several purposes, for instance, to attract clients and to check the quality of predictions.

If the predictions are published on an intermediary platform, they have to be of good quality. For more convenient sorting, some websites offer bettors a rating of TOP 100 forecasters. Rating lines here change all the time depending on who is more successful at any given moment. Here are some ideas of who can earn money by making predictions:

  • professional cappers if their predictions have successfully passed the quality test;
  • bettors who use other people's opinions to compare it with their own;
  • bookmakers who calculate odds depending on the probability of winning a particular team.

An alliance of cappers, bettors, and bookmakers benefits each of them. Cappers sell their knowledge, bettors take into account the maximum influence factors with the help of other people's opinions, and bookmakers retain their customers by offering free and paid products. What's interesting: there is no conflict of interest because bookmakers make money on margin.

How much money to bet, and whether it is possible to win every time

Everyone calculates the size of the pot independently. Some are so confident in the outcome of the match that they can gamble "the whole piece", while others are cautious and preferring to always have a certain amount of money in the reserve to continue the game.

Not all matches are suitable for betting. It is necessary to choose those of them, where a strong opponent meets a weak one, and the probability of winning is more than 80%. Even after selecting such matches, it is necessary to carry out additional analysis: is the probability of victory really that high?

When choosing between quantity and quality of bets, it is better to emphasize the second component. Crazy bets made chaotically and without careful analysis will not lead to the desired result. The bettor will simply lose money. The probability of earning is 50/50, but that's rough. In fact, there are a lot of other nuances, because of which it is possible to lose. Therefore, before making a bet, you need to prepare carefully: read several predictions for ice hockey, and make conclusions from it.

If we are to summarize, the bottom line will be as follows:

  • the betting business is very competently structured - so that all three parties involved (the office, the bettor, and the forecaster) are useful to each other;
  • quality forecasts are written by professionals, well versed in the chosen sport, but such information often has to be paid for;
  • the same parties still use the results of their work: bookmakers, fans, and sports journalists; this means that the service remains in demand.

Today, many people can bet on sports. For example, by reading hockey predictions, it is possible to predict the results of a sports match correctly. The more qualitative information is available, the higher is the probability that the bet will bring profit.

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