Four Technologies to Accelerate Your Startup

Four Technologies to Accelerate Your Startup
The Siliconreview
07 September, 2021

Technology is continuing to progress at a rapid rate, helping startups operate harder and smarter. If you want your startup to be lean and mean, you’d be wise to invest in the right technology. It can help you increase productivity and efficiency, and to stay on pace with your competitors.

Technology helps businesses in numerous industries, such as online gambling. Whether it's incorporating traditional gaming elements, such as visuals and sound, or delivering marketing tactics like bonuses, they're clearly making full use of technology. As Riku of Bonusfinder says, these bonuses from the likes of Bet MGM are impressive, to say the least. But what about businesses in other industries using today's technology? And how can you use them in your own startup? Here are four technology advances that startups can use to progress their business faster.

The Virtual Office

This is one that many businesses have been forced to turn to during the 'new norm' that resulted from COVID-19. But it has its uses even when not in a pandemic. For example, workers can enjoy more flexibility that enables them to fit their work schedule into their lives while achieving a healthier work-life balance. For the business, it allows them to search deeper and wider for workers. You not only have a wider geographical pool to hire from, but you can also hire people who can’t commit to a 40 hours a week office-based lifestyle.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality may still be relatively young, but there’s a lot of hope for businesses seeking collaboration beyond the typical conference call. This is great for any business with a strong reliance on visuals.  With an increasing number of smartphones featuring VR capabilities, it can only lead to more and more possibilities for startups to leverage this technology.

Managed IT Services

Businesses need to be constantly alert when it comes to network security threats, and as we depend increasingly on technology for such basics as budgets and calendars, a breach can cause a lot of trouble.

Fortunately, there are services that enable you to defend yourself. Managed services afford you the benefits of a full-time employee to keep an eye on your network without having to pay to expand your team. Not only that, but because they’re specialists in providing IT, you get the same benefits as you would if it was your own well-resourced IT department. With tech support to live threat response to 24/7 monitoring, you can rest assured that your startup will have a plan in place for the worst-case scenario.

Common Platforms Migration

It’s more important than ever to recognise when a problem you’re having has already been solved and benefit from that solution. With tech trends that can benefit your startup, you have the opportunity to move things that would have, at one time, been internal to common platforms that simplify the IT process. These platforms, such as Microsoft, Salesforce, and Amazon, are great at offering solutions for formerly custom-made purposes.

With a common platform, there’s less need to be concerned about solving a business problem, leaving you to focus on offering the best solution. You can personalise the user experience, which helps your workers operate more effectively. They can more easily fit into your company, and you can spend your time working on ideas to offer your customers the very best experience.


It’s hard to keep pace with every single new technology trend that comes down the line, especially if your current workflow and business model is serving you well. Bear in mind, however, that technology can always make life easier if you find the right tools.