Lawsure Insurance Data Reveals Why More Londoners are Moving Away from the Capital

Lawsure Insurance Data Reveals Why More Londoners are Moving Away from the Capital
The Siliconreview
09 September, 2021

The COVID19 pandemic is something that has affected the lives and decisions of many people but one of the permanent significant effects could be how it has influenced people to think about relocating elsewhere, particularly away from London.

Unfortunately, although many residents would choose London for its level of development, people are now seeing the need to relocate. Current data shows many more residents could be moving away from the getting-scanty capital in the coming months.

This also means more empty houses, meaning unoccupied house insurance would be necessary to protect against vandalism, theft, and natural disasters such as floods and lightning.

Make No Mistakes! Here Are What Relocating Londoners Want in Their Homesimage

Meanwhile, the moving Londoners, what is it they could be looking at to be satisfied in their new location? Data from Lawsure Insurance explains the top requirements migrating Londoners are looking for:

1. A spacious home

The report shows 18 percent of residents migrating from the UK capital are looking at ‘space’. 43 percent of semi-migrants moved because of space, believing that regions outside the country central can offer space for the money.

From the data, size is an all-round decisive factor for Londoners who feel the central area is not exactly worth it. Londoners moving into various other parts of the UK need, and abandon or leave their homes unoccupied, need space for family occasions. Considering the surge in the number of people staying at home, space is vital for a more relaxed homeliness.

2. A Sizeable Planting Space

Hey! Most ex-Londoners want to plant. And because of this, 63 percent of Londoners who acquired or planned to acquire properties prioritised gardens. 19 percent of the number mention that having a garden is an important factor when getting a new home.

The first few pandemic waves leading to the lockdown meant more people getting busier indoors. And although the internet took over most part of the UK’s lockdown life, activities like farming became a hobby.

Some Londoners would no more want a life without gardening. Perhaps, it would be considered boring. Of course, the internet can’t hold all the fun in human life. Now, most ex-Londoners want to continue in that pandemic-triggered urge for gardening.

3. Access to Outdoor Space

Of the total homebuying Londoners, 31 percent say they are interested in closeness to outdoor space. 14 percent of this number declare closeness to outdoor space as a reason for moving out of the capital.

A less bustling city or rustic life, depending on migrating Londoners’ destination, would be alluring if it has that closeness to some space. Entertainment, time off at beaches, national parks, and so on could have been a thing without the pandemic.

With the new trending term ‘social distancing’, there are lots of limitations in the UK in a fight against the pandemic. In this case, Londoners need a home that provides this space or at least is closer to this entertaining and bustling experience to eliminate boredom.

For instance, suppose a London employee activates their leave. They may not be travelling out, but boredom would become the order of the day, which is unusual to a Londoner.

4. Flexible Home Office

With the COVID pandemic to blame, 36 percent of the moving Londoners are considering the home office in their move to different regions. 12 percent declare their strong priority for home office space as the reason for looking away from the UK capital.

During the UK’s successive lockdowns, many digital businesses had employees operate from home. This development meant the least equipment or anything could serve as a Londoner’s workstation.

Unfortunately, the working experience and method are far from efficient since the employee finds his/her space uncomfortable. This, of course, somehow affects productivity, which employers, and even employees are disliking. The solution, therefore, is a promising home with the home office for the money.

5. A Private Garage for Vehicle Security

The report also shows 36 percent homebuyers migrating from the UK consider private parking space as a crucial aspect in selecting a home. If you asked a migrating Londoner why parking space is so important, they would say, “COVID”.

But why always COVID? Considering the new normal–social distancing, travel restrictions, etc., more ex-Londoners want to avoid the crowded public transport, commute in their cars to work, and other important commitments.

With the needed space, there would be no parking problems, and vehicles would be safe from exposure to sun, rain and theft. Regarding theft, figures show the police notified 74,769 stolen vehicles to the DVLA in 2020, which is equivalent to 205 daily vehicle thefts. See? No Londoner wants to lose their vehicle or have difficulties parking.

What Areas Are Londoners Moving Into?

Some areas are gaining in population due to UK residents moving away from the capital city. Data also show 7.5% of homes purchased in various UK locations were done by people moving from the UK in 2020.

In an area like Sevenoaks, 62% of properties sold were acquired by Londoners. Maidenhead, Rushmoor, Windsor, and Oxford are other areas shown to receive more Londoners buying homes.