Recent trends in the Marijuana...


Recent trends in the Marijuana Industry

Recent trends in the Marijuana Industry
The Silicon Review
21 September, 2021

If you think that cannabis consumers are content with using any type of weed, or that a joint is enough to satisfy everyone’s needs, think again. The industry has evolved because of consumer demand for quality and variety. It seems as though the more people who learn about this herb, the more likely they are to enter the market, so to speak. The marijuana industry has seen rapid growth in the past few years and it doesn't seem like that's going to slow down anytime soon. New companies and products are popping up all over the place, which is great for people who want more choice! It may be difficult to keep up, so let’s take a look at some of the recent trends in the industry.

Online availability

The marijuana industry is projected to grow at a rate of at least $130 million a year going forward. Trends have indicated that the number of female consumers is likely to increase exponentially over the coming years. In addition, more people will be turning to cannabis for medicinal use, thereby evening out the gap between recreational and medical users. These figures would seem unrealistic were it not for the online availability of cannabis products. Dispensaries and head shops like Canna Cabana offer a wide selection of products online, and getting daily deals is as easy as a click of a button. Stores are popping up all over the place, and getting your hands on awesome quality products is made even easier with mobile apps. Check Super Speciosa Kratom Products

Educated Consumers

As more research is conducted into the health benefits of marijuana, more consumers are becoming increasingly aware and keeping tabs on these studies. As a result, consumers are far more educated about the industry in general. In addition to this, consumers are looking more deeply into different strains and the psychoactive effects that each offers. This is definitely a good thing, but it also means that store owners and salespeople need to up their game in terms of product knowledge. This again is a great way for stores to increase their sales through a better understanding of the products that they sell.

A wide range of products

Variety is the name of the game in the cannabis industry, and consumers are loving it. Thanks to technology, all these products are available at the touch of a button, so there's no need to put a purchase off. The Cannabis industry on the whole will see the emergence of new product ranges. It is also likely that breeders will be cultivating new strains. And surprise surprise - cannabis-infused alcohol products are set to take the world by storm as a few companies look into investing in the industry. And for those that don't consume alcohol - we may just see Coca-Cola producing a CBD-infused carbonated drink too!

Smarter growing

Cannabis cultivation methods have evolved, and the boom in the industry has led to much expansion, collaboration, and partnerships as more operations see value in getting in on their market share. But what does this mean for the way the herb is cultivated? To start off, breeders are creating new cannabis strains with higher levels of terpenes and cannabinoids than those found in normal THC and CBD strains. Because of greater demand, we will also see changes in the growing process. The traditional methods of outdoor cannabis cultivation have, in the past, been affected by challenges like climate and pests, but new advances will include more indoor cultivation, newer harvesting and curing methods, and hydroponic systems.

The trends clearly show that people are way more interested in cannabis products, and not just on the surface. As more research is conducted, and its health benefits are revealed, the industry is likely to see massive increases in sales from consumers who actually know what they want. In addition to this, doctors will be more likely to prescribe more cannabis remedies and treatments for patients. It would seem that the legalization process globally is set to be sped up, but a large part of this will ultimately still depend on the effects of the black market. Consumers in 2021 need to be more aware of illegal suppliers and dispensaries than ever before. These products can cost a pretty dollar, and you need to invest in quality that delivers the benefits that it promises, so don't be duped into purchases that will leave you in regret. Education is always the key.