Rewiring Your St Louis Mo Home - 7 Warning Signs to Lookout for

Rewiring Your St Louis Mo Home - 7 Warning Signs to Lookout for
The Siliconreview
14 September, 2021

Having trouble working on your electrical appliances? Are the fuses in your home blowing up regularly? Read this article to learn more about what it means!

Human beings take many things for granted and one of those is - electricity. Being unaware of the power that electricity holds, when it comes to rewiring your beautiful home in St. Louis, Missouri, might become dangerous and may lead to electric shocks and fires.

By rewiring your home, you can minimize the risk of a potential accident from happening and keep everyone safe. Your house will send warning signals that your property's wiring system needs replacing. And this is where we step in.

We're here to help you identify some crucial warning signs and help you to prevent something dangerous from happening. So, without further delay, let's get straight to it!

An Alternative Way

It's no secret that rewiring a house can be expensive. For homeowners living in St. Louis Missouri,  a rewiring can set them back anywhere from $4,000-$6,000 for an average house.

And the expense is not the only concern here, rewiring a property will ultimately cause disruption in your daily life. Your house has to be replastered and re-papered again after all the work is done. Let's not forget about the time it's going to take the electric work to finish and the redecorating after that. It might be weeks. 

But if your home does need rewiring, there's an alternative way to keep your home safe from any electrical mishaps. Just replacing the fuse box or consumer unit with a modern one that includes RCDs (residual current device) will protect homeowners from the dangers of electrically related disruptions.

The best part is installing such a unit only takes half a day and will only cost you around $700!

1. Faint Burning Smell

This is probably the most tell-tale sign that an electric short circuit has occurred near your switches. Moreover, if you can’t find the source of the burning then it’s most likely the wiring underneath the floor or behind the wall that’s causing it.

Whatever the cause of the burning smell, it’s best to contact a qualified electrical contractor St Louis MO and have your house inspected ASAP! Not only will you be saving your house from a fire that can turn deadly, but you’ll also be saving the lives of your loved ones too.

2. Scorched Switches or Sockets

Another sign that your house is in dire need of rewiring is discolored or scorched switches or sockets. This can happen because of a faulty or loose connection near the switch or outlet and can start a small fire. So, if you see any discoloration on the surface of any outlets, then we'd recommend getting it checked out immediately.

Besides, the lack of scorch marks doesn't mean there are no problems. Since the arcing could literally occur in the wiring between the walls, it is better to hire an electrician for frequent checkups.

3. Fuses Blowing Frequently

When it comes to switches being blown randomly or regularly, it's also a sign that the house needs rewiring. Although, it might be due to a  faulty appliance that's causing the fuses to blow. But if it keeps occurring, and you cannot identify the appliance causing it, then get an electrician to check out the wiring.

In St. Louis Missouri, some homes have old model fuses and adding in the latest technology and electrical appliances might make it harder to take the weight of new electric appliances. Therefore, it may become necessary to upgrade the system to a more modern and safe circuit breaker.

4. Lights Flickering or Dimming

Are the lights in your home flickering and dimming randomly? If your answer is yes, then this is yet another sign of getting the house rewired. Normally, when a light brightens or dims it means that It's either receiving too much or too little power. 

Most people make the mistake of thinking that the light bulb is faulty, but this type of decline or spike in power is the result of faulty circuits or loose wiring.

5. Nasty Electric Shocks

Nobody is a fan of being the one receiving a nasty electric shock just from touching a cable or cord. This is especially dangerous when there are children around as they could very easily become the victim of an electricity-related accident.

Get in touch with your local electrician immediately and do a full electrical safety inspection of your house.

6. Hanging or Sparking Sockets

Do you have some wall sockets hanging off the walls? Are the wires exposed behind them too?

If your answer were yes to both the questions, then it is not a good sign. These exposed wires can be dangerous and children and pets may easily fall victim to them.

To prevent any type of accidents that might occur make sure to hire an electrician to fix the sockets and do a full system checkup of your house as well.

7. Living in an Old House

There are many beautiful properties in St. Louis Missouri and most of them are very old. If you're living in a house that's more than 30 years old, and you do not know whether the electrical system has been rewired, or if the sockets, switches, and fuse box are old, then do a thorough check-up of the electrical system.

Once the check is complete if you are the homeowner, make sure to test the electrical installations every 10 years. For those who are renting, a checkup every 5 years is fine.

Always remember that older houses normally have fewer electrical sockets. Which sometimes necessitates the use of extensions, and it can cause the sockets to get overloaded.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we'd like to say that the list of warning signs we provided here will help to identify and sort out the rewiring work in your home. We also hope you will take the necessary steps to solve the problems in time as these can lead to fires and dangerous situations.

Keeping yourself and your family safe should be your first priority. So if you've never had your house checked before, now is the perfect time to do so!