Who is this French visual support company integrated into Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

Who is this French visual support company integrated into Microsoft Dynamics CRM?
The Siliconreview
17 September, 2021

What exactly is Microsoft Dynamics?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the market application stage in the cloud is an optimal answer for any association, particularly those that need the adaptability to increase and downsize on a case-by-case basis. It is a suite of interconnected, screened software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications and administrations that aim to transform and empower the customers, workers, and business practices of your center. It adds to your CRM and ERP capabilities by including your information, business rationale, and cycles.

That way, instead of having isolated, and performance efficiencies, Dynamics 365 provides mechanized, incorporated, and clever deals, and advertising capabilities that efficiently translate into an affiliate, focused and paying customers. It is based on Microsoft Azure, providing both a confidential stage and a detailed administration environment. In addition, it is locally integrated with Microsoft 365's efficiency applications, giving you a closer approach to oversee customers and administrations.

How is a CRM used?

Client Relationship Management (CRM) is business programming that helps people and groups expand their client interchange and deals efforts.

CRM is not just a place book. It engages your group to make connections more successfully and deliver the best customer experience from evaluation to purchase and past. When your business initially started, following customers by email, address books and accounting pages looked well and good.

Be that as it may, currently, your organization is evolving – and more growth means more freedom to change how you maintain your business. At this moment:

  • It's difficult to refresh, understand, and position spreadsheets in harmony with your group.
  • Important client data gets stored in your employees' inboxes.
  • Notes are lost or discarded.
  • Client correspondence is conflicting between your employees.

Why did Microsoft Dynamics integrate ViiBE into its CRM?

ViiBE gives its customers a dedicated subdomain that allows them to use a video correspondence interface. It also allows access to its own administrative center. ViiBE's reconciliation provides continuous help information with video support. Microsoft's CRM provides complete and efficient ticket directing and executives for support specialists with stable usability tooling along with administration-level systems. This is complemented with the freedom to write and read board articles dedicated to helping to facilitate the goals of client issues. In fact, even with their easy-to-use CRMs, delivering far-reaching customer support voice correspondence when managing special episodes can be restrictive. Without adequate permeability of the issue, customers may struggle to understand their problems.

Live visual support to assist customers:

Organizations should modernize how they offer far-off help. They should permit end clients to proactively use video to show far-off applies the issue as a feature of the in-application client venture, who can consistently utilize comment and screen share to assist with diagnosing the issues.

B2C Use case: Live visual support is ready to increase market development by driving extra shopper commitment and online video utilization. Significant social media stages, for example, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon are making key speculations and advancements into live video to further develop client experience and increment client commitment and utilization on the stage.

Remote inspection for Technical Maintenance:

Remote visual inspection is any examination directed distantly by a specialized master, regardless of whether utilizing specific hardware like borescopes or using video conferencing programming.


B2B Usecase: Business-to-Business and enormous corporate records are ordinary for firms in assembling. Samsung is the largest company in the making of the iPhone. Apple also accommodates B2B agreements with firms like Panasonic, Intel, and semiconductor maker Micron Technology. These organizations need a remote visual inspection on regular basis.

B2B exchanges are likewise the foundation of the auto business. Numerous vehicle segments are fabricated freely, and carmakers buy these parts to collect cars.

Specialist co-ops likewise participate in B2B exchanges. Organizations spend significant time in the property of the executives, housekeeping, and modern cleanup, for instance, regularly sell these administrations only to different organizations, as opposed to singular shoppers.

How to integrate ViiBE into Microsoft Dynamics:

To integrate ViiBE into Microsoft's support, a specialist essentially needs to open a help ticket. The integration of ViiBE into Microsoft Dynamics is an easy process. There is a ViiBE call catch that will be inserted straightforwardly into the stage with the goal that the specialist can begin settling on decisions rapidly and without any problem. 

When you click on the button, a link will be sent to the client in need of support to begin the call. In a single tick and without download, the client will approach a ViiBE visual help call with the specialist. They would then be able to utilize different coordinated efforts and AR instruments to analyze and take care of the issue.

Enriching the CRM tickets with video archives:

While video conferencing structures help you impart, they neglect to give a safe video library gateway to oversee, alter, interpret and share the accounts. Through incorporate video conferencing, a recorded gathering is consumed in a guarded, accessible, and brandable cloud or on-premise video archives. With the assistance of a video library, ventures can computerize the dispersal of recordings to their CRM tickets with video archives in a considerably more designated way dependent on video examination to assist with changing over possibilities into qualified leads. Thusly, the associations can remember videos for their showcasing toolbox and gather immediate or roundabout data from clients with in-video structure accommodation and information following individually.

The emergence of Knowledge Management in the ticketing system:

A knowledge management system is any kind of IT framework that stores and recovers information to work on getting, coordinated effort, and interaction arrangement. Information the executive's frameworks can exist inside associations or groups, yet they can likewise use to focus your insight base for your clients or clients in the ticketing system. 

The main advantage of knowledge management systems is that accepted procedures are accessible to clients, which makes glad and fruitful clients. Cheerful and effective clients continue to return to purchase more than different clients, and they tell their companions, along these lines becoming excited brand advocates. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, there is valid business esteem in information the executive's structures.

The impact on customer satisfaction:

Consumer satisfaction is one of the main difficulties for organizations. Undoubtedly, a fulfilled client remains for the most part more faithful to a brand and is more disposed to spend and attempt new items. Frost and Sullivan elect ViiBE as the best remote visual assistance solution in Europe. Check out the way visual help can assist you with further developing consumer satisfaction's inspiration here: 


Further developed handling times 

Time is a significant unit of measure in assessing the proficiency of assistance. On a customary get-togethers administration model, the client calls client support and invests some energy depicting his concern. With visual help, it is presently not important to portray in words or to look for exact specialized terms, it is simply important to show the professional the damaged gadget for quicker analysis. Occurrences are in this manner dealt with on normal twice as quickly as on the telephone. 

The expanded goal on the first call 

In 40% of cases, the breakdowns are not breakdowns, and upkeep guidance is sufficient to tackle issues. In these circumstances, issues can be fixed on the primary call, distantly, with the exhortation of specialists who guide clients to analyze and tackle issues. 

Better accessibility of clients' hardware 

By and large, it can require a few days between the second the client calls client support and the second an expert comes to do maintenance while on a demonstrated breakdown, visual help makes it conceivable to complete an investigating distantly because of the joint effort of the specialist and the client. 

By coordinating a visual assistance solution, an organization's client support will profit with its many benefits. Uniformity, speed, cost decrease, distant help is a significant resource for brands searching for development.