An Art of Essay Writing...


An Art of Essay Writing

An Art of Essay Writing
The Silicon Review
28 October, 2021

Even at the most basic level of education, essay writing is a discipline portrayed as important. Essay writing is often thought of as having a harsh, strict focus on form and that mistakes in grammar are more worrisome than flaws in a writer’s message. This notion is incorrect; an essay is a much looser term than this. According to Kayla Martins, an essay writer at Informative Essays and Visual Analysis Essay, “an essay has three main forms, persuasive, descriptive, and expository, and if you give it some thought most every use of language also can also be divided into these same forms” An understanding of the essay translates near perfectly to an understanding of all communication. This flexibility stands in contrast to the specific definition of essay most are taught. In its essence, an essay is any expression of your own opinions, thoughts, and observations. Self-expression is a skill not only valuable for a career but also for every aspect of your life. Essay writing, as a general skillset, helps with any career out there; it can be seen everywhere in its many forms and it is the best instrument for creating real opportunities that could not be found by simple searching.

We are constantly influenced by essay writing in even the smallest ways. That ad you saw this morning, that tweet, or that article. Those all use the skills you learn from essay writing and the better you employ them the more people will listen to you. Even if your career is one of manual labor or of technical expertise, getting a position, especially one of higher standing, requires you to convince an employer that you are capable and willing. The usefulness of essay writing is only greater the more ambitious your dreams. A politician would be nowhere without an ability to express their beliefs and policies properly. A businessman could never succeed if no one was convinced he was a good investment or a trustworthy partner, both things are best expressed with a well-compiled conversation. Finding a career is made much simpler if you are a competent, confident essay writer because you catch people’s attention; and that is half of the battle when it comes to earning a position.

In many careers, especially the most difficult ones, public opinion is a large factor. According to BeeStudent.com, “the skills gained from essay writing can make even someone with a vastly different upbringing and set of values understand you.” They may never agree with you, but they will find it hard to hate you. Additionally, if you have an understanding of essays and speech, you will be better able to understand others when they speak out. Many debates today are trivialized to pointing out formal flaws in each other’s arguments when in reality it is easily understood what the speaker meant. This could be enticed by schools encouraging the stiff styles of the essay we all know and hate. If you can overlook these formal imperfections and see what people really believe; it becomes easier to talk to them, to convince them. An example of the importance of these disciplines can be seen in the current US administration. Today it is led by an extremely polarizing political figure. This can be attributed, at least in part, to his looseness in his speech. Whether it be a mistake in fact checking, a quick comment, or an offensive term, his approach to the art of an essay lacks polish. Those who agree with him see what he means through what he says but those who disagree don’t bother because criticism is a lower hanging fruit. The flaw is in both parties and unison could be worked toward if either party were to better employ a real comprehension of essays.

An essay is more than a paper; it’s an attitude, a thought process, a method both creative and piercing. Learning the ins and outs of the art helps every aspect of life because the skills found within essays are universally helpful. Every career involves people and understanding those people is made simple by being able to think of their actions in the context of an essay. Every day each person lives out a description of themselves, a thesis of their thoughts; reading these cues helps any career.