Automated/Self-Driving 18 Wheelers Trucks: What are the 18 wheelers accident statistics?

Automated/Self-Driving 18 Wheelers Trucks: What are the 18 wheelers accident statistics?
The Siliconreview
18 October, 2021

In 2018, the universal road accidents reports concluded that trucks remain responsible for 6.5% of total accidents because of their giant bodies, which are not easy to navigate. It can be rather challenging to imagine the post-condition of a car when it got hit by a truck weighing more than six thousand pounds. And, when it comes to automated/self-driving 18 wheelers, the minimum weight is eighty thousand, that too, if the truck is empty. So, imagine if a 3, 000 pounds (large car) vehicle is struck by a truck this heavy. What would happen? A lot of physical and financial damage is expected, which one cannot forget his entire lifetime. But, what if we can help you obtain compensation in the form of settlement for such damage? That’s right! Simmons and Fletcher P.C. keeps its door open for case holders enfolding accidents involving semi-trucks.

In the event that you have been a victim of a road tragedy by a semi-automatic 18 wheeler truck, people may tell you to lose the case as settlement procedure can be complicated. But, we at Simmons and Fletcher P.C. claim to stand by your first choice and proceed to undergo interpretation and repercussions of:

  • Injuries on your physical and mental stability.
  • Trauma that leads to financial instability and therapy.
  • Damage to your personal vehicle.
  • Disability (if any) and loss of job opportunities and dependency because of it.
  • Cost of treatment for injuries that occurred during the accident.
  • Emotional distress and permanent disfigurement.

Who remains obliged to pay for the damage due to accidents involving semi-trucks?

According to recent reports, 50,000 trucking accidents are recorded each year which result in death or serious injuries in the United States. If viewed from a universal perspective, every 15 minutes, a road accident involving large semi-trucks are reported where the heaviest possibility of the other party dying or fatally crashing is evident. But, which party is mainly concluded as the “obliged” one? Using years of experience, Simmons and Fletcher P.C., the best injury and accident lawyers firm in Houston, we shortlist and adjust focus on seven parties who may stand accountable for the crash. These are:

Truck Driver: This party remains accountable mainly when/if he was driving under the influence of toxic substances like alcohol, drugs, etc. Furthermore, any records of such previous occurring in the past.

18-Wheeler Manufacturer: In the event that the truck seems to operate in an uncontrollable manner due to an undetectable defect and such other issues.

Truck Driver’s employer: In the event that the employer of the Truck Driver seems to have ignored any criminal record, negligent behaviour qualities, and other issues while hiring the driver at the scene.

Under rare circumstances, parties like truck parts’ manufacturers, maintenance firms for vehicles, and collaborative parties may be held responsible for the event.

When more than two parties seem to reflect or interpret their part in the accident, they may begin to forward the blame on each other. Under such circumstances, Simmons and Fletcher P.C. keen lawyers ensure that the victim of the accident remains in the spotlight of the case and all parties involved remain independently responsible for the damage. Henceforth, your settlement will be worth it!

What is the average settlement for a semi-truck automated 18-wheeler fatal accident?

If we talk about accidents involving semi-truck, we can anticipate both physical, mental, and emotional damage to the party. According to reports at Simmons and Fletcher P.C., a truck accident can lead to serious injuries to one’s head, torso, neck, spinal cord, and internal organs. Henceforth, the chances are that one may, unfortunately, go through a lifetime repercussion of injury such as or brain damage. In these cases, the average settlement cost expected by the family can be very large, which is justified because paralysis or internal organ damage are conditions that will require a lifetime of medical treatment in order to decrease any further damage.

Thus, our research declares that most lawyers are willing to get their clientele (who faced the accident and injuries) a settlement amounting to $15 000 only. Please note that this is only an average number.

At Simmons and Fletcher P.C., we promise to go the extra mile for you. Given your current physical and mental condition after the accident, we assure you that settlement money for you is justified and enough for your further medical treatment, punitive damages, lost wages/salaries, and pain & suffering. In the past, Simmons and Fletcher P.C. has handled cases where truck drivers (other such parties) caused multiple fractures, electrocution burns, and spine fusion to our clientele. Evidently, we have successfully gotten this clientele settlement money amounting near to or more than $1 Million.

We request…

Don’t take your beloved one’s fate for granted. Your injuries may hurt your family as much as they hurt you. Settlement money for injuries that you face after an accident involving a semi-truck is worth for the world to see. Take a step ahead and sue the makers, employers, and drivers of semi-trucks that run on the road blindly and cause a fatal or non-fatal accident every 15 minutes. We are with you!