Best Of The Best: TOP 3 Best Bitcoin Mixers To Rely On In 2021

Best Of The Best: TOP 3 Best Bitcoin Mixers To Rely On In 2021
The Siliconreview
21 October, 2021

The main and distinctive feature of cryptocurrency that separates it from fiduciary money is its anonymity and decentralization. Yet in fact, tracking the blockchain (the trail each coin leaves while moving to its depositary location) is not difficult or impossible. When you add the active development of special services that aim to track operations within the system into the equation, the confidentiality of cryptocurrency funds becomes a very relative and conditional concept. In order to meet the desire of the owners of digital money to preserve their anonymity and the confidentiality of their transactions, anonymizing services were developed, called "bitcoin mixers".

What is a Bitcoin mixer and what’s the concept of its operations?

Bitcoin mixer is a third-party platform aimed at coins’ anonymization. Due to the activity of these platforms, the procedure for tracking transactions in the blockchain becomes much more complicated or even impossible.

The coin cleaning service works on the following premise: it accepts various amounts of cryptocurrency money from participants, divides these amounts into smaller segments, and then mixes these segments coming from various users into a single chunk of crypto funds. At the end of the mixing process, each client receives back already "clean" coins withdrawn randomly from this chunk in the same amount that was sent to the mixer, minus the commission set by the tumbler for their services. The result of the work of a bitcoin mixer is the elimination of any direct link between the addresses of the sender and the recipient, as well as the true impossibility of disclosing the identities of the participants.

TOP 3 reputable bitcoin mixers you can use with confidence


The Bitcoin mixer has established itself as a very effective, transparent, simple, and easy-to-use service that provides the highest level of anonymity, has a high speed of website loading and operations. It is used by a huge number of users seeking to maintain the confidentiality of their identity and the secrecy of transactions.


  • Instant transactions, which is explained by the large reserve fund of previously cleared coins the service keeps in store.
  • The user has the opportunity to manually select the time delay of the operation (up to 24 times per day), which is not found in any other service.
  • The size of the service commission can be independently chosen by the client.
  • The resource has two URLs: one for the standard web and one for use in Tor and Darknet.
  • No Log Rule. It means that all information about the transaction is deleted immediately after its completion.
  • Availability of the “Mixing Code” function. With its help, all regular users are guaranteed complete confidentiality.
  • Working with Bech32 (SegWit) addresses.
  • Members have the option to provide up to eight addresses to withdraw clean coins to.
  1. PrivCoin

A distinctive feature of the resource is its combination of the functions of a classic blender and a swapper. This means that the platform, working with four types of cryptocurrencies, offers services not only for clearing them but also for swapping one type of coins for another one when they are withdrawn. Thanks to the implementation of such an algorithm, the level of confidentiality of operations is boosted.


  • Dynamic commission. The user chooses it independently, and the bigger it is, the higher the level of security of the operation.
  • The created address is stored for 24 hours, and then all data about it is permanently deleted. The service does not store logs and personal data.
  • The highest speed of operations. It is possible due to the large reserves of the crypto funds. At the end of the operation, the customer receives a letter of guarantee from the service.
  • Possibility of a time delay preset (up to one day).
  • 24/7 technical support.

It’s a well-proven service that guarantees the complete anonymity of transactions.


  • High speed of requests processing.
  • "Flexible" commission ranging from 1% to 3% of the volume of coins.
  • The record-setting time delay of payment - up to 99 hours.
  • The feature to withdraw money to several different addresses.
  • Competent and helpful technical support.
  • The option of irreversible deletion of the customer's account.
  • Two-factor authentication.