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How Direct Mail Marketing Can Support Your Business: Important Benefits to Consider

How Direct Mail Marketing Can Support Your Business: Important Benefits to Consider
The Silicon Review
26 October, 2021

If you are looking to increase sales and brand awareness, then you may be considering a direct mail campaign. These campaigns have been proven to give a high return of investment (ROI) as your audience are likely to engage and respond with it. 

If you are unsure whether a direct mail campaign is right for your business, then we have put together a short guide of all the benefits that it can offer. After reading this you should be able to make an informed decision on whether a direct mail campaign is the way forward.


Undoubtedly, one of the most valuable benefits you can enjoy from direct mail marketing is personalization. As well as giving you the ability to enhance your campaigns, it also gives your customers a one-to-one communication experience. This can help to strengthen relationships and loyalty between your customers and your brand. Your customers will feel like the piece was made specifically with them in mind.

It is recommended that you look into the importance of personalization in marketing. The main aim is to make each customer feel important. It will better help them feel connected to your company.


If you asked companies who have already conducted a direct mail campaign what their top main benefit was. They are likely to mention how direct mail is a highly targeted method. Every direct mail campaign that you create can be tailored for a specific audience. This means your customers will receive information/offers that are relevant to their current stage in the buying process. For example, if you have a regular customer that buys the same product time and time again, you are able to send them direct mail that relates solely to their recent purchases.

Typically, your marketing team will segment your target market, so you know what campaigns should be sent to specific groups. If you are new to this, then it can certainly help to look at some online resources. There is plenty of advice out there which can help you segment your target market from demographics down to interests and activities.

Can Be Easily Executed

Some marketing efforts require a lot of time and skill. However, although direct mail does require skill, it is much easier to create a campaign than other forms of marketing. Now, technology has evolved there are an abundance of desktop publishing tools, which allow anyone to design a direct mail piece. If your marketing department is small, it can help to look into some different web-based direct mail programs.  

Allows You to Be Creative

It is also important to note that when it comes to designing your direct mail pieces, you should keep them in line with your brand. You should always include your brands logo and use your company color palette, so it gives your brand consistency throughout different channels. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the design of your pieces too. Your audience want something to grab their attention and not just information displayed in black and white. Give them a reason why they should read your message and respond. It can help to look for examples online to give you some well-needed inspiration.


There is no denying that marketing mail is an effective technique. Just from conducting some quick research of your own, you will find plenty of research that supports that statement. Take a look at this blog post from Lob. They discuss marketing mail in its entirety and give you five statistics that prove direct mail is worth the investment. But what makes direct mail so effective? Many believe it is down to its tangibility. Instead of sending out an email that can easily get thrown into a junk folder, you are personally reaching out to your audience with a physical letter. The response rates are much higher than that of a paid ad or email, thus why many companies use this marketing method.

Easy To Measure Results

So, we already know that direct mail campaigns can be highly effective. However, some of your campaigns may be more successful than others. To identify which campaigns need improvement, you will need to measure the results. This is another great quality of direct mail; the results are significantly easier to measure than other marketing techniques.

To track the success of a campaign, you will only need to count the number of responses that you receive. Typically, direct mail can give companies a high response rate. However, you should always continue to track each campaigns success to help you make further improvements to your strategy in the future.


It can be easy to throw a lot of money at your marketing department. However, some companies do not have the luxury of a large budget. This is one of the great benefits of direct mail marketing. For years it has been praised for its cost-effective qualities. Although you need to spend a small amount of money on resources, you are targeting groups that are likely to buy from you. Your business is able to save funds because you are directing your resources towards viable targets, instead of anyone and everyone.

For most businesses, cutting costs is essential in helping them increase their profitability in the future. Direct mail campaigns are just one clever way that you can cut corners but there are also plenty of other cost-saving tips out there that businesses can follow. If your business is working on a tight budget, then it could benefit you to do some research of your own.

Ability To Re-Engage Past Customers

Due to characteristics like personalization, direct mail gives businesses an opportunity to re-engage with existing customers. All businesses will have several customers who have not made a purchase with them in a long time. Direct mail is the perfect opportunity for you to reach out to them and remind them that your company still exists. Your direct mail is an opportunity for your company to promote itself. Give your existing customers a reason why they should come back. You can remind them of previous purchases that they may need again and even recommend other products that they may like based on their purchase history.


When it comes to marketing your business, it can be difficult to think outside the box. It is important that you switch up your content to grab your audience's attention whilst also helping you stand out amongst your competitors. What your marketing department needs is versatility, and this is something that direct mail can deliver. There are a wide variety of formats that you can choose from whether that’s brochures, magazines or even postcards. So, your direct mail campaigns can differ from one another, and you can benefit from each one of these subtle strategies.  

Marketing mail is just one of the ways that your business can enjoy more versatility. You can learn more about how your business can become more versatile through various blogs and resources. After the recent Coronavirus pandemic, many businesses had to quickly adapt and change their business processes in order to survive. It was the businesses who were versatile that had a greater chance of surviving. So, it can really help to do your research and ensure that your business can change direction in the event of a disaster.