Gamification is shaping the online gambling industry

Gamification is shaping the online gambling industry
The Siliconreview
23 November, 2021

Gamification is one of the terms that give clear hints about its meaning even to those who haven’t heard it before. It is a broad concept that applies to many facets of modern living and not surprisingly, it also affects the online casino & slots industry. It was wholeheartedly embraced by Internet gambling operators, as a useful tool to attract new players and improve customer retention. Gamification turns things that are not necessarily a game into one while tapping into the competitive spirit of participating players.

Engaging Online Players through Gamification

The most popular video and slots games and the ones that have passed the test of time with flying colors are the ones that succeed at engaging players. In addition to being fun, engaging, and providing immediate satisfaction, video games also have the quality of growing on people. Some fear this trait and dismiss it as addiction, as it has players coming back for more over and over again. The system was successfully implemented in other activities and the online casino industry was quick to respond.

In the Internet gambling arena, the additional element of fun is added through Gamification. The concept shouldn’t be confused with the casino & slots games themselves, even though they are at the cornerstone of online casinos. Instead, it refers to the short and long-term rewards that the casino offers to players for being active and performing various tasks on the platform. At some operators, it takes the form of leader boards and loyalty programs, while others tap into its potential through a layered system of bonuses and promos.

Gamification has the advantage of giving people a clear path towards success while making the voyage just as fun as the destination. It provides online casino players with the desire to participate, be successful and improve. By providing people with clear objectives that need to be cleared in a timely fashion, it keeps them motivated to achieve concrete objectives. Depending on the creativity of the casino, it can take the shape of mini-games, such as quizzes, wheels of fortune, and other competitions.

Examples of Gamification at Casinos

Gamification takes different forms in online gambling, but there are a couple of popular concepts that can be found at most casinos and online slots sites. Leaderboard and loyalty programs are at the backbone of many VIP schemes we can find at online casinos. Players are rewarded with points for completing various actions and playing on real money. Such points help them move up the leaderboard and unlock progressively better rewards through the loyalty program.

The use of in-game currency is also regarded as an effective Gamification tool. This type of resource is only valuable on the site, so it has no use outside the platform. At the casino, it helps players keep track of their actions and monitor progress in a simple way. Experience points are also awarded by casinos and can be spent on various rewards, better bonuses, and access to exclusive offers. The use of progress bars and customizable characters is another trait of Gamification inspired by the most immersive video games.