IT Outstaffing Company: What it is and what it does?

IT Outstaffing Company: What it is and what it does?
The Siliconreview
16 November, 2021

Hiring an IT specialist without having him on staff to perform IT tasks is a popular business practice. For example, such global market giants as Samsung or Qualcomm resort to it.

This "phenomenon" has an official name - IT outstaffing. The reason for the demand for such services lies in the advantages that the customer of IT outstaffing company receives. What are the benefits and when is it recommended to use services of IT outstaffing company? Read on in the article below.

What does an IT outstaffing company do?

IT Outstaffing is a service that implies the IT specialists working in your company but being  the employees of other organizations. The cost of an IT outstaffing company’s services depends on individual calculations with each client. First of all, you need to evaluate the time spent and the level of specialists’ professionalism. In order to determine the level of employees for your company, you must first conduct an audit of the information system. The course of these activities is determined by the specifics of the installed software, the role of the server part, the quantitative indicators.

It outstaffing companies save time, as specialists are interested in the successful implementation and completion of each project. Secondly, there is no need to establish a social package for employees. Thirdly, you do not need to keep track of tax deductions, and the work of your employees can be easily traced in the management system of the tasks set.

Benefits of cooperation with IT outstaffing company

  • Reduction of financial expenses. This format of "hiring" workers implies payment only for the work done. Its volume is regulated by the contract at the beginning of cooperation. At the same time, a regular employee needs to be paid the salary due regardless of the workload, taxes, etc;
  • Professional performance. Outstaffing by default means hiring a highly-skilled professional to perform specific tasks. Otherwise, the benefits of IT outstaffing would be minor. At a minimum, good professionals are offered by reliable service providers.
  • Improving the efficiency of the IT infrastructure;
  • Ensuring quality results. In addition, the obligations of the parties, the amount of work, and timing is spelled out in the contract as an additional guarantee;
  • Possibility to implement projects which a company or its own staff can't solve with its own resources or skills;
  • Fast search. Employers do not need to spend time and money to find a specialist with the necessary level of qualifications - that is done by the service provider. This is especially convenient if you need a top-notch worker, who is scarce on the market.

When is it reasonable to use the services of an IT outstaffing company?

Services of IT outstaffing company’s specialists are suitable for those who:

  • have problems with limited staff
  • have a need to hire developers for a short-term project
  • have a need to hire staff for seasonal work
  • need a replacement for a staff specialist or reduce the cost of the company for tax deductions and maintenance of its own staff.

Today it is very important to have access to professionals. Delay and stagnation in this area can lead to serious errors. It is important to understand that outstaffing is not that much different from in-house development.

What kind of businesses need to cooperate with IT outstaffing companies?

Small businesses can hire a specialist from an IT outstaffing company only when they need it. To increase the speed of response, you can set up remote access with a specialist.

For a medium-sized business, it is necessary that the company already had at least one IT employee. At the same time, there is a need for a systems integrator who can handle other issues. Even if there are changes in staff, all documentation, history of changes, conducted works - all this remains due to outstaffing. That is, all support processes remain effective regardless of which specialists perform them.

There are two variants of services for large businesses. Outstaffing can supplement the functions of a company's IT department or completely replace it. Outsourcing services are very convenient for large organizations, as there is no need to organize special staff on duty or hire additional staff to constantly support the IT infrastructure. With an IT outstaffing company, you can increase the quality and quantity of services with minimal costs.

If you are interested in the services of an IT outstaffing company, we recommend that you contact RexSoft. We have over 9 years of experience in making businesses better and more technologically advanced. We will quickly find IT staff for you. The qualification level of the IT specialist will completely satisfy all your needs. The complexity of the search does not matter, we will provide the right number of competent employees in the shortest possible time. Outstaffer's quality performance is guaranteed by the conclusion of a contract. If necessary, we can provide a replacement or more specialists.