Why Do Online Casinos Offer So Many Bonuses To New Players?

Why Do Online Casinos Offer So Many Bonuses To New Players?
The Siliconreview
09 November, 2021

The promise of free cash to bet with is appealing to players looking for an online casino. Many casino sites make an effort to give new players, that sign up without making a deposit, the most attractive welcome package. New players are handed an amount equivalent to their deposit or more and are even given free spins on most casino sites. Let’s look at how these welcome bonuses work.

To urge you to spend more.

Casinos will set a high minimum deposit and attach sweeter extras as the size of the deposit increases. Players are more likely to make more significant deposits to gain even more cash to spend on thousands of casino games on offer at many sites. While having more money to bet looks good, casinos benefit the most as players are less likely to win enormous sums even when they spend more. 

It’s an excellent marketing strategy.

Giving incentives is a proven marketing strategy that attracts customers. It’s the same for online casinos as players sign up on their sites and spend money. However, marketing at online casinos goes beyond the host site. Casinos often tie playthrough conditions to their bonuses which require players to spend the amounts given on particular games only. By having wagering requirements, casinos shed more light on specific games, usually the ones that give more to the house than the player.

Welcome bonuses cost online casinos very little.

As much as online casinos present their welcome bonuses as lucrative packages, the house always wins. There are stiff conditions one has to meet before they can claim the bonus offered in playthrough conditions. For instance, in a casino offering a $ 500 bonus with 25x wagering requirements, you’ll have to spend a sum close to $ 15,000 in bets if your initial deposit was $100. 

When players decide to chase the bonus, the casinos make more money, and so they can sustain these promotions with minor strain.

Bonuses make non-casino fans interested.

Gambling, although very common, is still frowned upon in many countries. Online casinos will sell welcome packages as free cash to attract first-time users that will win you even more cash. When people who aren’t necessarily casino fans are promised handsome returns that will cost them next to nothing, they’re often intrigued into signing up with online casinos. 


As much as players reap from welcome bonuses, casinos make even more by having lucrative looking deals for new players.