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9 Tech Upgrades You Should Make to Your Old Car

9 Tech Upgrades You Should Make to Your Old Car
The Silicon Review
07 December, 2021

New car models with better tech features and gadgets hit the market every year. The tech features are designed to improve car efficiency, safety and provide driving pleasure. While it may not be possible to ditch your old car for newer models, you can upgrade your current vehicle to benefit from recent trends in innovation. Read on for nine crucial tech upgrades you should make to your car.

1. Dashcam

With the increased rates of car accidents today, installing a dashcam in your current car can keep you from paying hefty fines and settlements. A dashcam helps you keep a visual record of your trips. It records the whole road view and provides GPS information about the exact time, location, and date an event or accident occurred. This information acts as evidence when seeking compensation from an insurance company in case of an accident. You can show your insurer exactly how an accident occurred. A dash cam also provides more security to prevent car theft.

2. LED bulbs

One of the best ways to show off the classic interior of your car is by investing in quality lighting. LED bulbs are an inexpensive solution for your car to replace the yellow, dull lights. Check out XK Glow for advanced LED car lighting solutions.

3. Heated and massaging car seats

Give your vehicle the comfort levels of a spa by installing massager and heated car seats. If you often engage in long trips on bumpy roads, you may experience pain and exhaustion, especially in your lower back. Seat massagers can help you remain relaxed and energized throughout the long drive. Seat heaters come in handy during cold weather season or chilly mornings. The heaters will warm you up before your car’s system begins to blow heat. You should consider the heater and massager tech upgrade for your current car as it is pretty affordable and can be used on any car seat.

4. Head-up display

Today most car models such as Audi, Land Rovers, and Mercedes Benz, to mention a few, come with video projection upgrades, including head-up displays (HUDs). A head-up display develops an image projection on your car’s windshield, showing crucial navigation data such as mileage, engine warnings, upcoming turns, and speed.

With the head-up display tech upgrade, you do not have to keep your eyes off the road since all information is projected on your windshield. This reduces the risk of car accidents significantly. Ensure that you ascertain that the head-up display is compatible with your car before purchasing it.

5. Parking sensor

Often, you may bump into other vehicles when trying to park, especially in a tight spot. This results in scratches, and dents, which could be expensive to repair. To avoid bumping your car, consider investing in quality parking sensors. A parking sensor uses sound waves to detect objects surrounding your car and activates when you shift to reverse. If you come close to hitting an object or another vehicle, the sensor uses increased beeping or lights to warn you.

You do not have to hire a professional to install a parking sensor since most sensors do not require wiring and drilling, so it is perfect for the DIY installation option. With that being said, ensure that you purchase a sensor that is compatible with your car.

6. Rear camera

With over 15,000 accidents each year occurring due to rearview blind spots, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration requires that all newer cars have a rear backup camera. These cameras color images on display inside the vehicle, allowing you to see exactly what is behind you. This helps to reduce rearview blindspot injuries by 90%. If your current car does not have a rearview backup camera, you should consider upgrading it to benefit from these safety measures.

You could opt for a wireless rear backup camera that sends videos to your phone. However, these can be laggy and cumbersome as you are constantly using your phone. While a wired backup system that connects to the display in your vehicle, either on the mirror or dash, may be expensive and time-consuming to install, it can improve the effectiveness of your camera. Ensure that you choose a rear camera model tailored towards your car to ensure that it fits seamlessly with its trunk.

7. Bluetooth system

Using the mobile phone when driving is one of the leading causes of distracted driving accidents. You should install a hands-free Bluetooth kit in your car to avoid distractions while driving. A Bluetooth system is one of the crucial features for safe driving as it connects your cell phone to the vehicle’s stereo, allowing you to make calls or play music without removing one hand from the controls.

This also helps you abide by the laws since it’s illegal to handle the phone while driving in most states. You could either purchase a simple plug-in system or hire a professional for a more advanced Bluetooth setup.

8. Cross-traffic alert and blindspot warning

You can avoid accidents that may happen as you change lanes by installing cross-traffic and blindspot warning upgrades to your old car. These systems caution the driver that another vehicle is on their vulnerable side by flashing LED lights on the side mirrors or an audible warning. You do not even have to check your lane physically. These units can also send traffic alerts when your car is in reverse. To improve security when driving, opt for a GPS speed control system to avoid false warnings.

9. Phone dock

A dock mounts your phone for easy access while driving. It also provides an efficient way to position your phone, especially when you intend to use the device for navigation purposes. Ensure that you opt for a phone dock suitable for devices of different sizes and one that includes a wireless charging pad.


You do not have to purchase a new car to enjoy the latest automobile technology. Consider adding a dashcam, LED bulbs, rear cameras, parking sensors, heating, and massaging car seats, and cross-traffic and blindspot warning to your old car to make it safer and more comfortable.