Why a Multi-Language Website is Beneficial for Your Business

Why a Multi-Language Website is Beneficial for Your Business
The Siliconreview
01 Decemebr, 2021

Building a website takes a lot of time and effort and expanding this into a multi-language website can be a demanding project. Nevertheless, it is well worth your time and effort, as it can reach clientele from a range of different backgrounds and countries. Below we look at why a multi-language website is beneficial for your business, and how to create one.

Improve SEO

The main success of any website is how high it ranks on Google compared to other similar websites. If you have a great multi-language website, your business will rank higher on the search results, which is a win-win. This isn’t just about Google either. Different countries use different search engines, so being able to appear on these will expand your business to reach more audiences, all whilst improving your SEO.

Build Trust

If you want to work with clients from all over the world, having your website in a language that they understand will build trust and respect. A customer is much more likely to feel trust towards a business that has a website optimised just for them. Having a website in many languages also looks more professional, which will further build that trust.

Get Ahead of Your Competitors

Are you ready to improve your business and get ahead of the game? It is more than likely the market you are in is absolutely flooded with similar companies, all trying to get their own customers. If you want to expand your audience and get ahead of the competition, a multi-language website is one way to do so. If you sell something that can be shipped to another country, optimising your content to that country will only improve sales.

Expand Your Audience

Probably the most obvious on this list, but also the most important, a multi-language website will expand your audience massively. If you have already cracked the UK and want to sell your products or services across the globe, you need a website that can be read by people who do not speak or know English well. Reaching out to customers from China, Brazil, Russia, or Germany could expand your audience by millions. If you already have a website, all you need is the translation.

How to Create a Multi-Language Website

If you do not have enough finances to hire a full-time employee, or you want the job done by a professional, using a translation agency will ensure that your website reads well and looks professional. Global Voices is a translation agency who specialise in creating content for most languages. Not only does this mean you can get your website translated, but they will also help translate it in a way that follows any business guidelines and values that your chosen country follow. When creating a website in another language, we often overlook culture, which is an important aspect of moving business abroad. A translation company can create a multi-language website that improves SEO and trust for customers.

A multi-language website is well worth your time if you want to reach out to another audience and expand your product from the UK or English-speaking market. If you want to build trust, improve SEO, and get ahead of your competitors, look at hiring a translation agency to get started on your multi-language website today.