3 + 1 IT Solutions for the Travel Industry That Make Things Easier

3 + 1 IT Solutions for the Travel Industry That Make Things Easier
The Siliconreview
24 January, 2022

When people travel, either for business reasons or for leisure and enjoyment, the complicated world we live in can offer challenges. COVID sensitivity and vaccine rules have added new wrinkles.

Fortunately, innovators have come up with tricks, devices, and processes that can help voyagers through the intricacies of travel. Getting there can still be part of the fun!

This article discusses three of the most experience-enhancing IT solutions for the travel industry:

1. Robots handling luggage and other mundane tasks
2. Virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR)
3. AI-based chatbots and big data management.

Plus the granddaddy of all stress-reducers:

4. Electronic recognition, ID scanners, and other tools to smooth the way through busy airport security and immigration lines.

Robots Get More Capable Than Ever

Robots can excel at many IT solutions for the travel industry listed below. Impersonal? Yes, but they never get distracted or take a day off, never get upset, and are available whenever they're needed in the following forms:

  • Concierge services in hotels like handling luggage and even doing some cleaning chores
  • Luggage following its owner
  • Automating food preparation
  • Screening duties at airports.

Robots can provide unique IT solutions for the travel industry, reducing the need for direct contact. 

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Want to experience what it’s like to be in a luxurious resort on a Mexican beach or a mountain resort in Europe? You can do that from your living room with virtual reality or, as it’s more commonly referred to, VR. Many resort operators have virtual tours of their offerings on their websites.

Augmented reality (AR) overlays contact information or additional service options to what’s currently in your view. With AR, you can see what the scene looks like in a different season or highlight a point of interest and information about it.

This recent interesting IT solution for the travel industry can add a whole new flavor to the process of selecting your destination and enjoying it more when you get there.

AI chatbots, Big Data Management, and Other Applications

Virtually every information website, such as Amazon and Google, has a chatbot to answer questions with stock answers. As AI (Artificial Intelligence) gives chatbots the ability to learn, they are also becoming capable of fielding questions on more challenging issues as well.

All these dazzling new IT solutions for the travel industry generate massive databases. Access to off-site cloud-based storage facilities allows facile data entry and access to stored data. Good ID scanners and other electronic devices can connect to these off-site databases and seamlessly handle massive amounts of data.

Biometric ID tools and ID Scanners Move Waiting Lines Fast

Long lines at security checkpoints and immigration windows are significant sources of travel frustration.

Biometric ID (facial, fingerprint, eye imagery, etc.) tools speed up this process. However, if these tools aren’t around, state-of-the-art ID scanners can do the job of quick and accurate identification too. In fact, by being capable of reading virtually all types of documents travelers must carry, they contribute significantly to keeping lines moving and, more importantly, guaranteeing travelers’ satisfaction.

These IT solutions for the travel industry can process many people with little to no waiting time.

IT solutions for the travel industry facilitate reduced waiting times in terminals, show would-be travelers exciting views of their destination choices, provide contactless hotel services, and manage all the data from these enhancements. These solutions come in many shapes and forms, including ID scanners that can easily retrieve data from all documents used for traveling and help ease long waiting lines in terminals–a major headache in travel.

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