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5 Technology Trends to Look Ou...


5 Technology Trends to Look Out for in 2022

5 Technology Trends to Look Out for in 2022
The Silicon Review
03 January, 2022

Technology trends play a crucial role in determining emerging markets. It also points out new commercial directions.

As far as the world of technology and the phenomenon of tech trends is concerned, the year 2022 promises to be a super-exciting one.

In this article, we will look into the crystal ball of the new year. It will reveal how five technology trends are set to become the rave of the moment and take the world of ICT by storm.

Top 5 Technological Trends of 2022

If you are a tech buff, you probably can’t wait to discover what innovations the ever-dynamic world of ICT has in store. Five key technology trends will alter the state of the ICT industry as the year unfolds.

Let’s review them below.

1. Improved Weather Technology

Weather forecasting technology has and will remain a major force in the ICT industry. Industry players continue to find ways to ensure that they stay ahead of the unpredictability of the weather.

What better way to do this than to develop systems that accurately and timely predict weather conditions and changes like the ones at Tomorrow.io? Innovative weather intelligence support platforms like these enable diverse business industries to make informed decisions and prepare for the impact of the weather on business.

It helps save lots of money by providing reliable weather info and warnings for the aviation, energy, logistics, railroad, and finance sectors. In 2022, expect to see new weather technology innovations in radar system development.

Weather security platforms like Tomorrow.io plan to go public on Nasdaq in 2022, merging with Pine Technology Acquisition Corp to accelerate the launch of radar satellites. This is to improve weather forecasting abilities to protect communities and save lives on a global scale. 

This new technology will provide warnings about extreme weather conditions like hurricanes and tornadoes and improve the accuracy of weather forecasts.

2. Cloud Acceleration

Speed always matters in the world of ICT. It is one of the determinants of superior service delivery, which is a factor that influences profitability. In 2022, consumers will prefer to receive web content within the earliest possible time.

Cloud acceleration helps businesses improve the performance of their applications. The need for speed and performance-improving content delivery is why cloud acceleration will become the center of attraction of innovation in this new year.

3. Security Technology

The ICT industry cannot ignore the need for security. The massive and fast-paced growth of the industry has created an equally growing demand for information protection.

Precious and high-value information are always at the risk of getting lost or accessed by unauthorized parties who continue to employ more ingenious techniques. To this end, service providers are always on the lookout for more efficient security solutions.

While security technology has witnessed several notable strides in the past few decades, the year 2022 promises to open a new vista in developing various security techs.

These include Intrusion Detection and Prevention, Data Loss Prevention, Biometric Technologies, and alert systems like the Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) technology.

4. High-End Automation

The world hasn’t seen the end of high-end automation just yet. High-end automation promises to reveal new developments in smart homes and offices in the coming year.

There will be advancements in security, comfort, and leisure, all controlled from one device.

If you have been amazed by the ability to monitor and direct your house and office facilities and equipment such as doors, television, CCTV, Air Conditioners, heating systems, and curtains remotely with a single device, you should brace yourself for more intelligent and error-proof control systems.

5. AI Engineering

The scope of Artificial Intelligence has proven to be broader than many people have imagined. The degree to which AI has made an incursion into the area of decision-making is astounding, but there is more to come.

With the mind-blowing AI applications we have seen in agriculture, health care, gaming, e-commerce, automobiles, finance, and robotics over the years, industry experts believe that we have only just scratched the surface.

One of the applications of AI that has received the most attention is the driverless car. Still a long way to go in becoming free from human intervention, the technology should experience a major leap in 2022.

Driverless cars are still in their level two testing stage, far from the ultimate level five of full automation. However, many expect the technology to enter its third level in 2022, which will be a notable leap that ushers in a significant reduction in the need for human control.

The year 2022 looks quite pregnant with more mind-blowing advancements not only in software developments for more exciting projects such as self-driving cars and aircraft but in reception and adoption.

A Statista report predicts that the software market for Artificial Intelligence will grow at a rate of 54% every year. As more organizations rely on Artificial Intelligence in carrying out their business, software engineers are getting busier designing programs that will produce better results.


While we should expect technology to develop on all frontiers, these five technology trends for 2022 are where the tech world should expect some of the significant innovations in the new year.

You can take advantage of this head-start by leveraging these tech sensations in making your crucial business and policy decisions as you venture through the year.