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Does A Water Feature Add Value...


Does A Water Feature Add Value To Business?

Does A Water Feature Add Value To Business?
The Silicon Review
18 January, 2022

When the body hears the sound of rushing water, it has a natural reaction to its nervous system that allows it to unwind.

It is no surprise that people of all ages are naturally attracted to water features. Some even add a backyard fountain to their properties.

But could it also bring value to a business?

How It Works

Many homeowners and property managers agree that water components enrich the business environment.

So their home value increases, and their gorgeous business environment draws customers. Water components provide a feeling of calm to both customers and workers.

A water feature may be a landscape design focal point. It may also be used to boost other components.

A tiny amount of water may have a big visual impact.

Water features utilize less water than grass on the same surface area. They also include a water recycling pump, so only additional water is needed to replace evaporation.

In addition to cooling the atmosphere, flowing water filters the air.

Installing water elements like a pond benefits real estate agents the most.

Value is determined by elements like aesthetic attractiveness and labor quality. It still needs a decent design, placement, and cleaning to work well.

The utility of a pond is still contested. Some predict the price would rise by 7-10%, while others say it depends on your area.

Florida and California, for example, seldom snow. So a property with a backyard pond is more likely to sell for a more excellent price.

Ponds in places with significant snowfall may only be used in the spring or summer. As a result, buyers won't pay a premium for ponds in some areas, which devalues the property.

Other Benefits

Your business is a living advertisement that must continuously display its principles and values. Here are several ways a water feature might improve your business:

They Create a Professional Image

Unless you operate a bar or manage a children's playhouse, the rising amount of sophistication your firm can emanate is always a good sign of two crucial concepts.

The sophisticated ambiance created by a strategically positioned water feature conveys a sense of professionalism for starters.

Customers will think you are intelligent, kind, and a skilled negotiator. Furthermore, an expensive look ensures that you will attract more premium clientele and will be able to charge appropriately.

Children Will Love Them

Many households have many kids. Your facility will be successful if it can attract youngsters while also serving adults well—children like wishing fountains and will gladly deposit a dime.

Keeping a child engaged when they may otherwise cry lets caregivers know they can return. Parents may not want to take their children out in public to cope with their tantrums, or they may be ashamed when it happens.

These are just a few reasons why buying a fountain firm is a considerably better investment than building one yourself.

Your friends will enjoy your company whether or not you have a water feature. Your customers, however, won't be as generous.

It Eases Tension

While fountains may convey a forceful image, they can also give a calming or whimsical touch to regions in desperate need of it.

The most prominent example is a lobby. If the correct décor isn't considered, any lobby for a romantic hotel will feel like the DMV on a quiet day.

The excellent music will relax patients' thoughts at medical offices. Customers at spas may feel the fantastic experience they'll have by staring at its flow.

Finally, before your consumer checks into their room, the hotel lobby will begin the engaging experience.


A professional landscape designer should build the water feature to ensure it is done the first time correctly. They may also arrange your water feature in the most natural way possible.

Depending on your tastes, your landscaper may recommend a low-maintenance system or design a unique water feature.

Even if you don't consider yourself creative, working closely with the artist means you helped develop and build the water feature.