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Everything You Need to Know about Eternity Rings

Everything You Need to Know about Eternity Rings
The Silicon Review
04 January, 2022

Eternity Rings are in popular demand specially in young couples nowadays, because of its elegant appearance with minimal design. It is a ring with diamonds “preferably” or gemstones studded around the precious metal crafted band.

A circle is perfect symbol of eternity while diamonds and gemstone are the symbol of love so as eternity rings are an emblem of never ending love between the couples. It also consider as a remarkable token of an important phase of relationship.

If you are also on the way to Buy Your Eternity Ring here is a Guide about all you need to know regarding eternity rings.

The Occasion for Eternity Ring

Many couples consider it as the ultimate jewelry gift that can be given to express your romantic side before the life partner, as it is different from the other rings with diamonds or gemstones going all the way around the band. Traditionally eternity rings are given on special events in relationship such as Wedding day, Anniversary day or on the birth of child.

Since the love is eternal no such occasion can be specific to show it you can shower your love any time.

Which Finger to Worn Eternity Ring?

Generally eternity rings be worn instead of a wedding band or as an addition of engagement or wedding band. For this reason it is placed in the ring finger of left hand as a custom.

Well it is a matter of your personal reason or preferences to wear it, you can place in any of your finger even in thumb if you are comfortable.

Eternity Ring Made Of?

Eternity rings are studded with diamonds and gemstones so it is important that the metal is used to made it preferably be a precious metal like Gold. Gold has its own sparkle look that never go dull and comes first when it comes to build a beautiful eternity band which will stays life long in the finger of wearer.

Popular Stone For Eternity Ring

Diamonds are the strongest, rarest and most beautiful gems on the planet also they are considered a perfect symbol of lasting love and commitment. No wonder diamonds are considered as decorative stone that people most often choose for eternity rings.

Diamonds are quite expensive and not affordable for all you can choose the alternate of it, “Moissanite” is most popular alternate for diamonds as it provide the similar appearance to the jewelry. If you Buy Your Eternity Ring with pocket friendly Moissanite, will give you the same happiness.

Choosing coloured gemstones instead of diamonds can enhance the meaning of eternity rings. For example, the blue sapphire is September’s birthstone, and the red ruby symbolizes 40th Ruby Wedding Anniversaries. Also it looks more fancy with their unique colour and texture that connect more to the female. For this reason Most upcoming collection of eternity rings for women, from jewelry retailers dedicated to gemstones.

Full or Half Eternity Ring?

Full or Half eternity is two different style of rings, where full eternity rings with diamonds or gemstones set all around the band. Half eternity rings have diamonds or gemstones set only on the top half of the band.

Full Eternity Ring

Full eternity rings have stones set in a continuous line all around the band. This style of making creates the most luxurious and sparkling ring you want to buy for loved one . There is a slight downside, the diamonds can catch on things as you use your hands, so little care is required while wearing a full eternity ring.

Half Eternity Ring

A half eternity ring has stones set across the front half of the ring. They may cover half or three fourth of the band. Some people find half eternity rings are more practical and comfortable to wear than full eternity rings as they allow for larger stones than full eternity rings because the gems sit only on the top of the band. Also they do not can things while using hands.

How Much the Eternity Ring Cost?

There is no upper or lower limit determined for the cost of eternity rings. It depends on number of diamonds or gemstones set in it, their quality and type of precious metal used for crafting the ring.

The purity of metal affects the cost for example 18k gold is more expensive than 9k gold.

The number of stone set in the ring affects the cost for say more stones set in ring more you have to pay.

The quality of diamonds or gemstones affects the cost of ring if you choose the better quality you have to pay more.

Do Men Wear a Eternity Rings?

Traditionally Eternity rings are considered as a Women’s jewelry, however modern fashion trends have open them for Men too. Popular jewelry brands have come forward with the new bucket list of jewelry titled “eternity rings for him and her” in recent years male celebrities also choose the diamond eternity ring as their wedding ring.

Eternity rings are your emotional investment so it should be more of the expression of your timeless love and a symbol of the dedication and purity of your relationship.