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Is Your Business Making The Most Out Of Social Media Platforms?

Is Your Business Making The Most Out Of Social Media Platforms?
The Silicon Review
17 January, 2022

Social media is a strong tool that, when used wisely, can take your business to new heights. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the need to promote your business on social media platforms has become necessary. So if you want your business to prosper, you’ll need to play the game.

The game is simple! All you need to do is to take extra time to engage and chat with your customers on social media. You can do it by yourself, or hire people to do it for you.

You need to let your audience know about the product or service you’re selling and keep them in the loop on various offer updates. Below are some tips for you to make most of the power of social media:

Select The Right Platforms 

With so many social networks available, it can be overwhelming to keep up with all these channels. Therefore, focus on the product or service that you want to sell and how you can best use the selected media to promote your brand. For instance, if you’re looking to sell high-quality, visually attractive packages, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Imgur, Slideshare are your platforms.

If you decide on using the word-of-mouth marketing strategy, then Facebook and Twitter will get the job done, or you can use LinkedIn for a more professional approach.

You can also integrate all your social media accounts into one and manage them from one portal. Lineout social media management will help you to manage your channels and also provide marketing solutions for the challenges you face when dealing with multiple social networks. That’ll maximize your efficiency, schedule your future posts, and save you time to think about your next idea.

Engage With Your Audience 

When you’ve made up your mind to enter the entrepreneurial arena with your products or services, you’ve decided on a target market. Now, when it comes to promoting your brand online, research in which media your target audience spends more time. Once you have the data, plan to spend time, effort and resources on that particular platform and increase your sales. However, just posting your content may not work.

You need to engage and communicate with your customers and respond to queries regularly. The more time you take in answering a question, the less they become interested in buying your product or talking to you.

Another factor when engaging with your audience is how you handle feedback. Positive feedback and reviews allow you to share it with other potential customers to gain their trust about your product quality and customer service. But what about negative feedback? This is where your social skills come into play. Here are a few points to follow when handling negative criticisms:

  • Don’t ignore it: Whatever you do, when you see a negative review or complain about your product, don’t ignore it. Keep your head cool and calmly ask about the problem and genuinely show interest in solving the issue. Your customer may be angry but if you manage to solve their problem, you can earn a loyal customer for life.
  • Admit your mistakes: When handling several customers at once, mistakes can happen. You or your employee may have switched products, sent them to the wrong address, posted content at the wrong date or time, or mixed up the price. Part of successful social media management is to admit your errors. Erasing it will only make your company image look bad as it is highly unlikely your mistakes would go unnoticed on social media. Even if you do manage to delete it, some people may take notice which can affect your reputation. Apologize sincerely to show your regret of the action. Tie up all loose ends, to avoid repetition.
  • Don’t argue: The worst you can do is to argue back when someone gives you a negative review. That is not the right approach for your business, and you may end up losing more customers. Rather apologize, provide an explanation and give out compensatory offers and assure them it won’t happen again.

Be Active and Consistent

This one’s a no-brainer! You need to be active and maintain consistency when managing social media content. If you commit less time to your business, you’ll start losing followers and potential customers.

It can be overwhelming to handle so many queries on different platforms, therefore, prepare a plan before creating an account. You need to be consistent when managing social media, but also keep a day every week for profit planning to manage your finances.

Regular post updates on your products or services strengthen your brand and create more word-of-mouth marketing opportunities. It’ll also give you a chance to create one-on-one relationships with your customers on a more personal level which would enforce customer loyalty.

Managing social media for your business can be simple if you and your employees remain active. Upload content regularly dealing with customer queries and negative feedback in the right way. Moreover, building one-on-one customer interactions will increase client loyalty and create possibilities for word-of-mouth marketing.

Competition and Trends

“Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.” Follow competitive companies to stay one step ahead of the game. You can find out whether you are on the same page with them, how they engage with the audience and handle customer reviews.

Social media is an ever-changing landscape. Being aware of new trends, optimize the presentation of your content to reach the right customers. Some of the latest trends include doing live shows, advertising your page and website on the network, creating unique content, using chatbot tools such as a greeting or FAQs as customers await your reply and, using interesting captions to grab customer’s attention.

In a Nutshell

Technology has undoubtedly become our salvation as the world was brought to a halt in the last couple of years. Online meetings and emails have become the new norm. So has social media. Businesses all over the world are now thriving through social media promotions, reaching out to audiences of all ages.

Research about your target audience and choose on which platforms you’d like to spend more time and resources. You can also use portals to morph all the social media accounts into one and make it easier to reach out to your customers. Once you learn to utilize social media to your advantage, your business will always be one step ahead.