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Top 10 Features That You Must Have in Your Employee Portal

Top 10 Features That You Must Have in Your Employee Portal
The Silicon Review
19 January, 2022

Employee portal is an online platform that provides the employees with all the HR related services and other information pertaining to the company. Features defining the company’s policies and mandatory procedures, information of the company’s products and services, and other employee-related information and services are provided for the ease of the employees. There are several features of the employee portal that can add to employee engagement with the company. These features make the employee portal more efficient. We have dug deep into these features that affect the employee portal.

There are certain features that make a perfect employee portal. You can refer to upsers login which is an employee portal for the employees of UPS. It consists of various benefits for their employees. Go through the below mentioned top 10 features that are a must in your employee portal.

Managing the Documents


Documentation is a very integral part of any organisation’s day to day work. Therefore, the employees may want to find a secure documentation service on your employee portal. Thus, they can work relaxingly knowing that their documents are safe with the company’s employee portal.

Event Management

A company hosts many formal and informal events throughout the year. Business events, employee engaging fun events, cultural and festive events, and many such other events are organised in the company. Therefore, by having an event management feature, you can keep your employees updated regarding all the upcoming important events in the company. This will keep the employees engaged and they will feel a sense of community with the company and their peers.

Connecting Socially

There are a lot of employees that work on an outsourcing basis or freelance basis. Therefore, by the social connect feature, you can bring your organisation employees and these outsourcing employees under one portal. This helps lessen their social media usage during working hours, henceforth raising work efficiency and productivity.

Internal Job Openings

Employees are always looking for an opportunity to grow and move upwards in their career graph. Therefore if they are aware of the internal job openings in the company, they will be alert and work in the progressive direction. You can also ask your employees to refer someone who can be suitable for the job opening if in case the existing employees aren’t a good fit. This can save the company a lot of time overall.

Extensive Search Tab

The employees can find it easy to access the employee portal if they have a search tab for their use. They can directly search for the needed information through this tab, saving a lot of their time and effort. This reduces a lot of complications and filters the results showing them the necessary and prompt information.

Company Policies and Procedures


When an employee works in a company, it is necessary for them to know the company’s policies and mandatory procedures that are supposed to be followed in the company. If these policies and procedures are listed down clearly on the employee portal then the employees can easily access it and understand the functioning of the company without much time and effort.

Latest News About the Company

The employees must always be kept updated with the new happenings of the company. Knowing the latest news of the company helps them have a good relationship with the employees as an employer. Also, if the employees know what the company is up to, then they can take their career-oriented steps in the right direction accordingly.

Information About the Products and Services

The company’s employees are considered a part of the company’s community. They are the company's assets. Their efficiency and knowledge can affect the functioning of the company in a good or bad way directly. Hence, they must know about the products and services sold by the company. The employees must be updated with the progress of the new products and services being introduced in the company.

3rd Party Integration in the Employee Portal

Using 3rd party integration is a very important step in building a good employee portal. Using other apps in integration with your employee portal helps your employees work in a more efficient way. Various tools can help in building a third-party integration with your portal.



A smooth workflow helps in team collaboration and task completion, further providing efficient outputs. Hence, workflow management is very necessary. When a team or a set of employees understand and follow a decided workflow, they perform better and give faster results.

All these features make a perfect employee portal. If you are an employee of UPS then you can log in through the USPS liteblue login portal and take advantage of all the benefits.


A company’s employee portal is a deciding factor on that company’s employee efficiency and work effectiveness. Hence, using various features, you can build a strong and successful experience for the employees using your portal. Using these features in your employee portal, you can drive your company towards exceptional organisational success.