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Top 5 Benefits of Software Development Outsourcing to Ukraine

Top 5 Benefits of Software Development Outsourcing to Ukraine
The Silicon Review
24 January, 2022

While choosing the destination to outsource software development, it can become difficult to choose the right one for you.

Over the last few years, Ukraine has become one of the top locations to outsource custom software development. We can see in IT Ukraine Association Report 2021 that Ukrainian IT exports exceed $5 billion in 2021 when compared to $4.1 billion in 2019.

As you understand, the success of your project or idea depends on the choice you will make. That is why we described the top 5 benefits of software development outsourcing to Ukraine, to make it easier for you to see all pros and decide whether they match your requirements.

Larger talent pool and tech education

Searching for good software developers with the right skill set may be a great challenge nowadays despite the fact that a lot of people want to start their career in the IT industry. The tech industry in Ukraine keeps evolving and the number of IT specialists only rises. If you decide to outsource custom software development to Ukraine, you will access a larger pool of professionals and choose the right dedicated development team to work with. Ukrainian developers have strong technical skills with various programming languages, libraries, frameworks, and tools. Because of this, you will have the opportunity to find exactly who you need for your project and be sure that the ​​development team will have experience and knowledge required for your project. The statistics on Stack Overflow shows that JavaScript is the number one programming language that is used among Ukrainian developers. This website may help you understand what kind of professionals you can find to successfully outsource to Ukraine.

We have to mention one more reason why there are so many talented developers in Ukraine - it’s the strong tech education. Ukraine is actually well-known for exceptional education for engineers. A lot of software development companies partner with top tech universities in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, and Lviv in order to help students get the industry-relevant skills that are now needed on the market. And because of this, Ukrainian developers are great at solving difficult problems, implementing the right ideas and are attentive to details. They can successfully work independently and don’t need you to make sure that they made no mistakes at every step of the development because they are very attentive to code quality. But it also doesn’t mean that they can’t work with the team. They actually know how to properly communicate their thoughts with their development team or Project Manager, help them with their tasks and when needed, solve problems on their own.

Quality and price

The next question that may arise after technical skills is what quality you will get and for which price. As we mentioned above, Ukraine has become a top destination to outsource the implementation of tech projects. One reason for that was developers’ technical skill set, but another one is quality and price aspect. The IT industry is becoming more and more popular in Ukraine and because of this more and more people want to become a part of it. This creates quite a good competition, which results in a vast number of high-end professionals, making IT outsourcing in Ukraine so attractive. Ukraine's developers have the skills in different technologies. Moreover, Ukraine has been recognized as the number 1 country with top programmers with good software engineering skills.

The other reason why so many companies like Ukraine outsourcing is the fact that if you choose to work with a software development company in Ukraine, they will value you as a partner, not just a client. Most of them prefer to have clear and honest communication and trust, which leads to a long-term partnership in work. They are ready to listen to you and your ideas, discuss opportunities and solve problems when needed. So if you decide to outsource software development to Ukraine, the development team will both resolve issues and help you to have a successful product development. These qualities are important because if you can’t trust or rely on your team, then no matter how much money you pay, you will never get the right results.


We’ve come to the part that most people are interested in - money. So, how much will offshore software development to Ukraine cost you? Ukrainian developers usually charge $25-50 per hour, which is definitely less than in the USA or Europe ($90-150 per hour). But low price doesn’t mean that you will receive bad quality. The price actually depends on the cost of living in this country, which is lower compared to other Western countries. And moreover, in 2020 Ukrainian IT industry received $571 million of investment. This shows a lot about the popularity of the country for custom software development.

English knowledge

It’s no secret that in order to have a proper and successful app development process, you need the right communication with the development company. And the first aspect to think about is whether software development companies in Ukraine have the right English knowledge. That is a reasonable worry to have because if you are not able to explain properly what you need, your team won’t understand what you are trying to achieve and what their role in this should be. And if you choose people with good English, then you will prevent yourself and your company from many mistakes.


As the IT industry rises, so does the level of proficiency in the English language among Ukrainian developers. They have a good level of English and are able to easily communicate with clients. In addition to that, a lot of software development companies offer free English classes to their teams. This helps them improve their proficiency, communicate, chat, write documentation, and understand different topics, especially regarding tech. Most developers, project managers, and overall development teams have intermediate to advanced English knowledge. That is why it is easier to communicate with them and explain every detail about your idea, how you want it to be developed or what issues you faced and want to be resolved.


Another important thing that a lot of people worry about when it comes to IT outsourcing in Ukraine is location and time zones. But Ukraine’s location is actually an advantage here. It is located in Eastern Europe and because of that, there are many flights connecting Ukraine with European countries, Australia, North America. For example, a flight from New York to Kyiv is approximately 10 hours, from London to Kyiv 5 hours, from some countries that are located in Europe it can take even 2 hours.

And if you for some reason don’t have the ability to visit Ukraine personally, there is always another way - online communication. You can schedule online meetings and calls through Skype, Zoom, or Google Meet at the most suitable day and time for you. This way you can always connect with the development team, see how your project is going, ask questions, and be sure that if anything happens you can always reconnect and discuss ideas. This makes offshore software development in Ukraine more secure and reliable.


Another thing that a lot of people are not sure about is whether the time zone difference won’t affect product development. And the short answer is: no, it won’t. If you have different time zones with the dedicated development team, it is easier to make mistakes or have miscommunication. But with the correct approach, you can handle all possible inconveniences. For example, the time difference between New York and Ukraine is 7 hours. This could possibly come as an issue for the development process. But the right software development company in Ukraine will offer you the needed flexibility in your situation. You will be able to schedule all meetings in a time span that overlaps with both your time zone and the timezone of your vendor. And with modern technologies that allow you to connect with your employees at any day and time, software development outsourcing to Ukraine is even easier.

Work ethic

The last issue, and one of the most important ones when it comes to software development outsourcing is work ethic. Software development companies in Ukraine make sure that they hire the right people. They respect and have transparent communication not only in the team but also with their clients. Having a vast background in outsourcing, Ukrainian developers are used to communicating with people from different countries, with different traditions, mentalities, and backgrounds. The way of life of Ukrainian people is similar to the one in Europe or North America, which makes it easier for you to be on the same page with your development team. They are always serious and trustworthy when it comes to working and if you ever have any questions or are doubtful, you can always discuss any issues and have an honest communication.

Final thoughts

When you decide that you want to outsource software development, it is important to choose the right destination. IT outsourcing in Ukraine is great for a lot of reasons, and the best ones we listed above. There are good professionals with different skills that will make your product development flow fast, calm and get you the results you wanted in the end.