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Digital Agency Marketing vs. In-House: Which One Best Fits You?

Digital Agency Marketing vs. In-House: Which One Best Fits You?
The Silicon Review
10 Febuary, 2022

Digital marketing is becoming the norm for successful businesses. Aspects of digital marketing such as PPC, social media marketing, and SEO can increase leads, revenue, and boost growth.

If you want to see improvements in your business, increase leads, and boost sales, you need to get your hands in digital marketing. To scale up your business, you need to work with a talented team that can be in charge and implement your strategy. But, should you hire an agency? Or build an in-house team? There are compelling reasons to choose either and what you choose depends on your situation. 

As businesses strive to go digital, they are constantly faced with fundamental questions of whether their digital marketing strategy, planning, and execution should be done in-house, or outsourced. Selecting your digital marketing strategy is influenced by several factors. The factors you should consider when choosing a digital marketing strategy should therefore be based on current business needs and immediate plans. 

In-house Marketing

In-house marketing is any marketing effort that is not outsourced to a third party. In-house marketing relies on the internal team, who are considered the face and the voice of the company on the web responsible for portraying the true identity of the brand, and act as the first point-of-contact for customers. 

●      Pros

The advantage of working with an in-house team is that they are already familiar with the brand vision, mission, goals, and vision. Brand familiarity enhances the identification of your brand, generates a positive effect on the brand, increases profitability, and motivates purchase behavior. Since the in-house team is likely to be immersed in your business processes and procedures, it makes brainstorming sessions more engaging and productive.

Having an in-house digital marketing team ensures that work moves as needed. With staff available whenever you need them, leveraging in-house marketing can foster collaboration to ease the process of solving problems. An accessible team is also a brainstorming opportunity where the team exchanges ideas and comes up with creative ways to do business.

An in-house team is more invested and focused on company growth. You can confidently assign sensitive projects to an in-house team and develop guidelines that establish brand identity. When building an in-house marketing team, ensure that they discover their strengths and weaknesses to maximize their impact through a holistic system.

●      Cons

Getting the right team comes with many costs such as the cost of advertising, in-house recruiter’s salaries, travel expenses, in-house recruiter, employee referral bonuses, and sign-in bonuses.

In-house digital marketing can risk the loss of varied expertise for one small fee. While working with a team that is completely integrated with your brand is beneficial, it can be detrimental. In-house digital marketing restricts shared learning, economies of scale, and has limited skillsets.

Digital Marketing Agency

A digital marketing agency provides services in line with technology to help you connect with your target audience widely. If you’re thinking about contacting the best digital marketing company in NYC, consider researching its background, location, the type of clients they attract, techniques they use, and their prices. 

●      Pros

Digital marketing agencies offer deeper expertise with a team that works across multiple tactics. A marketing agency is made of a team with diverse expertise to help approach a problem with a unique perspective and view. Since there is a likelihood that an agency could have worked with a brand like yours, it makes it easy for them to fully immerse themselves in your brand needs.

Digital marketing agencies have pre-set and negotiable costs in place meaning you don’t have to worry about investing in software, equipment, or training. Agencies are also paid to perform and account for the results. If you aren’t happy, you can always look for something new that will leverage the return on investment.

●      Cons

Agencies are not flexible. You may not be the only client they will be handling, meaning you have to wait for your turn to be served. Agencies don’t take orders and will give you what they believe is the right solution for your brand.

If you don’t research well, you may end up with the wrong agency that cannot meet your expectations. Since agencies work with multiple brands, you might find it difficult to be the center of their focus in their daily operations.

If you are working with an agency across the country, you may find it hard to align your schedule with theirs due to differences in time zones. If you live in NYC, choose to work with the best marketing company in nyc to help stay on top of brands.


As a business owner, you make decisions every day. In-house and agency marketing compete to offer the best experiences for businesses. Therefore, it comes down to your needs and preferences, on who can offer the most robust solution for maximum profitability.