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Steps to Creating Eye-Catching...


Steps to Creating Eye-Catching Custom Packing Tape

Steps to Creating Eye-Catching Custom Packing Tape
The Silicon Review
10 Febuary, 2022

Packing tape is a simple roll of stationery, yet it is beneficial. Packing tape is essential for keeping your cargo safe during shipment and transit. Aside from preserving your shipment, it can also assist you in strengthening your branding and saving losses. Custom packaging tape is one of the most cost-effective methods to promote customer loyalty, raise brand awareness, and add security and handling instructions to your products. In this day and age of internet ordering and home deliveries, it can even make for an unforgettable unpacking experience to connect and engage with your audience.

If you're buying custom packaging tape for the first time, we've put up this handy buyers' guide to make the process as straightforward as possible. Here's how to produce aesthetically pleasing and high-quality custom packing tape with The Packaging Company. You can also take the help of a printed tape customizer.

Step 1: Choose A Tape

There are numerous types of bespoke packing tape, each with its characteristics, benefits, and applications. Browse through this shortlist on selecting a tape to find the ideal option for your startup’s needs.

Polypropylene tape

  • The most widely used bespoke packing tape
  • Economical
  • Printability is exceptional.
  • Various thicknesses to suit multiple package weights

PVC  tape

  • Thick and sturdy enough to hold massive objects and hefty supplies.
  • Bonds to a variety of surfaces
  • Quiet roll release
  • Simple to handle

Paper or kraft tape

  • Activated by water and a paper tape dispenser
  • Eco-friendly
  • Sticks to fresh and recycled cardboard, as well as dusty surfaces
  • It creates a permanent bond.

Hi-tack freezer tape

  • Developed for use in cold storage applications.
  • Minimum application temperature of 20°F
  • Adhesion maintained in temperatures as low as -15°F.

Flatback tape

  • It is ideal for masking, edging, tying, and splicing.
  • More durable than masking tape
  • There is minimal to no residue left behind.

Filament tape

  • Strapping tape of high quality
  • It makes a long-lasting bond for bundling, closing cartons, reinforcing packages, securing cargo, and other applications.
  • Moisture and solvent resistance

Step 2: Select a Pattern Size

Our packaging tapes are normally sold in rolls a few hundred feet long. However, this does not imply that you must design the entire length.  Select a pattern length, draw a pattern as complex or as sparse as you desire, and will repeat it across the whole roll. Choose a pattern length based on the size of the box you'll be using. Shorter patterns repeat your design more times per roll, while more extended patterns allow your plan to expand and feel less confined.

Step 3: Select a Background Color

If the white tape isn't for you, you can use bleed (printing to the edge) to flood your tape with a brilliant, rich background color. You have access to the complete CMYK gamut, so let your branding (or the occasion) influence your pick. Color can also be specified using a HEX code. Reduce the opacity of any color to reduce its intensity.

Step 4: Logo Design Checklist

Before ordering custom packaging tape, verify your logo to ensure no potential printing issues. A design that looks best when printed on tape will have the following elements:

  • Keep it simple.
  • Make your logo unique.
  • Be versatile.
  • It must be in vector design file format.
  • Use a legible typeface.
  • Make a well-thought-out color scheme.

Step 5: Should add text

Custom packing tape is an excellent way to promote your brand messaging. Use the Text function to add any text you like, then use the accompanying editing tools to change the font, size, spacing, position, color, and more. Do you have any specific fonts in mind that you'd like to see included? Let your vendor know, and they'll look into it. If you have a pre-designed wordmark or type treatment that you can't use in the text editor, you can add it as a graphic using the Upload Artwork option. Don't forget to make it high-resolution!

Step 6: Upload Your Artwork

Often, your artwork and images express your tale the best. Add anything you like to your custom packing tape design in the Upload Artwork area. Keep an eye out for the blue lines on the custom tape designer. Will eliminate anything above or below the top or bottom during printing and cutting. You can utilize this to your advantage in terms of style by experimenting with different cropping strategies.

Please send your artwork in vector format, with all fonts delineated and all supporting files integrated, to ensure a precise, high-quality print. PDF, AI, and EPS are the preferred formats, but SVG is also accepted in some cases. They want vector artwork to scale ideas to size without sacrificing information. Raster pictures are generally pixelated, and these pixels show up in the final print.

Step 7: Select Your Quantity

Your personalized tape is nearly ready for printing. All that remains is for you to determine how many rolls of your branding masterpiece you want to print. You can begin with only one roll to test the waters of custom packaging or order numerous to keep your packaging efforts continuing uninterrupted. The more bespoke packaging tape rolls you buy at once, the lower the price of each roll gets.

Step 8: Review and Approve Design Proof

After you place your order, their art department will start developing a design proof for you to see before they begin printing. They'll send you a digital file that shows how your bespoke packing tape will appear once it's ready in 2-3 days. Scrutinize this file and let us know if there are any modifications you'd want to see. If everything is in order, you'll approve the design, and the order will be sent to production.


Custom branded packaging is an excellent approach to distinguish your customer orders. The vivid, cost-effective custom packaging tape you desire is only the right steps away. Have fun and show us what you can create!