How Startups Handle Technology Challenges

How Startups Handle Technology Challenges
The Siliconreview
14 March, 2022

How do owners of startup businesses compete in a commercial environment dominated by technology and automation? To do so means dealing with the unique challenges of staying up to date with the latest systems, programs, apps, and software. One answer is outsourcing or hiring someone else to do multiple chores related to high-tech tools. Transport companies, even the smallest ones, rely on sophisticated fleet management programs. Other kinds of organizations turn to stand-alone software products that perform a number of tasks. Cloud storage is a simple, direct solution for businesses that need a vast amount of storage space for data. Finally, many entities resort to hiring an in-house tech specialist who can take care of day-to-day needs. Here's more about the many ways startups get a handle on technology.


For most new owners of small businesses, outsourcing is a way of life. The trick is to decide which tasks to send out and how to find reputable service providers. For chores like IT-related jobs, accounting, payroll, customer relations, HR, on-site security, and others, it's imperative to only outsource what you can't do yourself. Likewise, spend time vetting providers to make sure they have the requisite skills and experience you need.

Fleet Management Systems

One way that modern transport managers employ smart technology is to equip the fleet with ELD devices to prevent HOS (hours of service) violations. Electronic logging devices (ELDs) are a core component of any fleet management program. They not only keep meticulous track of every driver’s on the road time but also verify identity and transmit data back to the home base immediately. Startup owners who don't yet use ELDs, and those who simply wish to acquire new ones, should review a comprehensive online guide that explains pertinent details, like how the devices operate, why fleets can't succeed without them, which ones are best suited for your vehicles, what you should pay for them, and more.

All-In-One Software

One of the things to keep in mind when starting a tech related business or facing tech challenges in other sectors is to simplify as much as possible. The golden age of stand-alone, all-in-one software solutions has arrived. This development is particularly relevant for newer, smaller businesses. Off the shelf tech solutions can be an excellent bargain when they come with training support, free installation, after purchase security checks, worthwhile guarantees, free trials, as needed upgrades, and other features that appeal to cash strapped owners.

Hiring an In-House Pro

For the majority of new organizations, the day arrives when they must hire at least one in-house expert. The person could be an IT pro, a legal expert, or a certified accountant. Growth is good, but it means changing the way you do things. Technology advances faster than anyone expects, so don't be surprised if your fledgling organization needs to take on a full-time consultant, engineer, or programmer to keep computer systems up to speed. In the long run, what you spend on salaries and benefits should save you money and give you peace of mind.

Cloud Storage

Most entrepreneurs discover that they need more digital storage space than they predicted. This principle is especially true for companies that have numerous customers, dense financial data logs, more than 10 employees, and aim to operate a paperless office environment. Cloud storage offers an all-around solution and has become the go-to choice for startup entrepreneurs in every industry.