Must-have add-on for your VoIP phone

Must-have add-on for your VoIP phone
The Siliconreview
28 March, 2022

Before starting today’s blog, let’s get a basic understanding of VoIP, short for Voice Over Internet Protocol. VoIP uses the internet to make phone calls instead of traditional landlines, making the calls hassle-free.

Compared to conventional landline phone systems, confined to a single desk phone in your office, VoIP allows you to make and receive business phone calls from your laptop, tablet, and even your standard smartphone (through an App).

VoIP is one the best cost-effective solutions for your business calls as all the calls are dialed and received through the internet. Having a VoIP phone is a must need in any business, and today, we’ll discuss some must-have add-ons for your VoIP phone.

VoIP Desktop Phone

VoIP phones are intended to transmit calls using IP technology. They are wireless phones that do not need to be plugged into an outlet like a landline phone, but they can have the same capabilities as a business phone, such as conference calls, do not disturb, and call waiting.

If your workers work remotely, they may use these phones at the workplace or at home. There is no hard setup required, so you can begin utilizing them immediately.

If you are confused about what VoIP phone to get, then you can go for a polycom compatible headset.

A High-Speed Internet

As we all know, VoIP phones use the Internet to make and receive calls. This implies they may connect to the telephone network through your office's Internet connection.

In other words, if your workplace is already Ethernet-wired, you won't have to invest in extra copper wiring to utilize your business phones; all you need is high-speed internet so that your calls won’t be interrupted.

A Good Quality Headset

Another type of additional VoIP equipment to consider is a headset. Employees can communicate comfortably while using a headset rather than holding up a phone or depending on audio from their computer. If you want your clients to make more revenue, this is a fantastic investment because the more comfortable they are while working, the more they can work.

A wireless headset is an excellent choice but you should be aware that it is not compatible with all computers. However, as we live in the technological era, there is a solution; all you need to buy is a USB Bluetooth dongle, and it will do the rest of the job.


A modem and router, which are already part of your internet settings, are also required for a VoIP phone to function properly. Users can make calls from any device that is equipped with your call software.

This device might be a smartphone, a laptop, or a desktop computer.


To sum up, VoIP phones are essential for your business as they make the calls hassle-free and, more importantly, they’ll save your money. Moreover, you don't have to be in an office, on-premises, sitting by your desk phone to make phone calls using VoIP.

You can even accept incoming calls from anywhere using an app on your phone, tablet, or laptop computer. This is a significant benefit for teams operating remotely or on the field. So, if you are not using a VoIP phone in your business, then you are missing out.