Walnut for teams: Scaling personalization in B2B sales, together

Walnut for teams: Scaling personalization in B2B sales, together
The Siliconreview
16 March, 2022

After Walnut grew a staggering 700% in four months over the tail end of 2021, the groundbreaking sales experience start-up has recently added to its product portfolio. Their newest addition, Walnut for teams, is a revolutionary platform designed to help sales teams scale personalized buyer experiences and boost B2B sales.

Following the instant success of their flagship Sales Experience Platform, it seems likely that Walnut for teams will follow suit, providing businesses and their sales teams with all the tools they need to hit quotas and connect with buyers like never before.

What is Walnut?

In a nutshell (pun intended), Walnut’s overarching mission is to help B2B sellers create more customer-centric sales experiences.

Through their Sales Experience Platform, Walnut empowered sales teams by giving them full control over sales/product demonstration through their no-code software. Using the Walnut platform, B2B sellers can fully customize each product demo intuitively and easily so that they can appeal to the unique wants, needs, and pain points of each customer they face.

When you couple these features with the platform’s ability to capture insights while delivering flawless demos in an encapsulated environment (that guarantees zero downtime), you’ve got a winning recipe for increasing conversions and strengthening your bottom line. So, where does Walnut for teams fit into all this? Let’s look at some of the platform’s latest features.

Walnut for teams

The latest release from Walnut is intended to provide all the same functionality as the Sales Experience Platform, but with a slew of new capabilities that will assist sales teams in seamlessly scaling their sales experience personalization. After all, maintaining the same quality of service/personalization while increasing volume is one of the most difficult components of expanding a business. This is where Walnut for teams enters the equation.

In short, the new platform is all about teamwork. Through enabling the entire sales team to work together more efficiently and learn from one another’s successes, Walnut for teams can help both buyers and sellers enjoy a vastly improved and more fluid sales experience, even as your company ramps up its operations.

Demo Customization Wizard

The Demo Customization Wizard is a handy tool that helps sales reps create and personalize each product demo in a matter of seconds. Rather than manually selecting and editing the demo themselves, which can be time-consuming, the Wizard does all the heavy lifting for them based on the information included in the templates.

So, how does this work? Well, when your demo creators build product walkthrough templates, they can include multiple images and text variables that can be defined by the sales rep later down the pipeline. This means that when the rep comes around to publishing the demo for a specific prospect, they simply need to enter the prospect’s info into the wizard. Voilà!

The sales rep will have personalized the demo in just a few clicks, which means they can put more time and energy into the things that matter most.

Improved analytics

As you know, analytics is the bedrock of any successful sales team. Without them, your sales reps are left in the dark, which means they’ll need to rely on guesswork and try to figure out what works for each prospect in real time. Fortunately, Walnut for teams will allow your company to enter into a new era of analytics that will help your reps offer a better sales experience than ever before.


Besides all the typical numbers and stats that sales teams are used to, Walnut for teams offers more precise metrics relevant to the prospect and their wants/needs or areas of interest. This allows reps to optimize their demos and sales pitch for each prospect based on real data.

In addition to this, the latest release will give the entire sales team access to insights from current and previous product demos. Sales reps can therefore learn from each other and work together as a team to understand what works and what doesn't.

Stacked demo libraries

Finally, stacked demo libraries are quickly going to become your sales rep’s best friend. This feature allows your teams to build a comprehensive demo library that can be categorized based on market segment, stage of the sales funnel, and even by individual prospects. Once this library has been built, your sales teams will easily scale their personalized selling, as they will have easy access to templates that have already delivered results.

Quickly locating, personalizing, and delivering high-quality demos allows your sales teams to focus on what matters, since they won’t have to start from scratch every time they deal with a new prospect.

In summary

Following their widely acclaimed product launch in 2020, Walnut is back at it again with their latest release, Walnut for teams. With a focus on teamwork, collaboration, and sharing, Walnut’s new platform looks set to offer sales reps a treasure trove of new tools that can help them deliver a fully customized customer-centric experience to every prospect they face (without the hassle)!