How Smart Technology Can Propel Your Painting Business

How Smart Technology Can Propel Your Painting Business
The Siliconreview
04 May, 2022

When you ponder over high-tech new software and the incredible things it can do for us, painting probably doesn't come into your mind! However, this field has witnessed revolutionary advancements in recent years. So, when planning how to propel your painting business, the first thing you want to do is factor in how to use smart technology to your advantage. Here are 5 ways it can benefit your business:

  1. Painting contractor software

The most challenging aspect of a painting business isn't necessarily getting up the ladder and using the brush to apply paint on the walls. The management side can be more nerve-racking than you ever imagined. Fortunately, industry experts have developed all-in-one painting contractor software like this one from Jobber to make the administrative side of running your business seamless. It can also help you look a lot more professional and organized by helping you with things like:  

  • Creating customized professional quotes
  • Converting quotes into jobs
  • Sending automated follow-ups on quotes
  • Converting quotes into invoices and automatically forwarding them to clients upon job completion
  • Tracking the time your team spend on each job
  • Keeping a tab on additional expenses and adding them to invoices
  • Organizing client data
  • Sending customers appointment reminders
  • Saving before and after photos for each job

Perhaps their most practical use is preparing quotes. Remember, the quote you send to customers is a significant determinant of whether you'll win their business. For this reason, it’s imperative that you learn how to quote properly as it will directly affect your bottom line. Generally, such a high level of organization boosts your professional image in the public's eye. Consequently, customer confidence in your brand increases, and that's a sure-fire way of growing your customer base.


  1. Advanced painting tools

The conventional brush, roller, and sprayer have been around for centuries. But of late, they're being modified in exciting ways. Consider the following smart alternatives:

  • Airless Paint Sprayer

Brushes and rollers are pretty good painting tools, but if the room you're painting is large, they can take a very long time. A faster option in such cases is using airless paint sprayers which use an electric motor to create a high-pressure spray pattern.

Additionally, the spray gun features tiny holes to pressurize the paint as it jets out of the hose, spreading it evenly onto the wall. The result is an effortless painting experience with excellent results. You can cover dozens of square meters of wall within a very short time. Completing a particular painting job faster enables you to move on to another project quickly. That means more earnings in any given month.

  • Multipurpose mixer

It's very common for customers to request particular color tones that can only be obtained by mixing two or more standard hues. In such cases, a rod stirrer simply won’t give you a consistent and uniform mix. There are now electricity-powered automatic mixers on the market. You only need to pour the right paint proportions into the mixing chamber and turn on the switch. And you get a highly consistent mix that looks magnificent on the walls.

  • Auto rollers

You no longer have to dip the roller head into the paint a million times. You can use a painting auto roller. This has a mechanism to feed paint to the roller head through high-speed pumping. As a result, you finish every job in a fraction of the usual time. What's more, you get exceptional finishes without overly messing up your work area.

  1. Drones

Painters rank number 24 on the list of most dangerous jobs. Consider the scary heights that some painters have to operate from, especially when painting the exteriors of tall buildings, bridges, and other industrial structures. Usually, they're suspended by ropes or cables. A slight miscalculation on where to step or grip may lead to a fatal fall. Insurance comes in handy in such cases, but that’s not the end of it.

Several robotic companies are now developing aerial drones that can perform painting jobs at dangerous heights. If this applies to you, you can significantly reduce the risk of injuries. Such work safety measures are intrinsically important for the safety of you and your team.

  1. Self-cleaning paints

Dirt is a notorious, universal problem that everybody has to grapple with. Any surface exposed to the environment accumulates dirt, tainting the original beauty. Luckily, scientists have been able to develop paints that hardly get dirty. They use titanium dioxide nanoparticles  in the manufacturing process, making the surface waterproof. Any moisture droplets on the paint surface pick up dust, bacteria, and viruses, leaving it clean.

Other paints are highly washable. These are made from special cross-linking polymers and fine pigments that prevent the paint from fading when washed. Thus, they maintain the new look for a number of years. Recommending such paints to your clients ensures a high quality finish and one people will be proud to tell others about, helping customers refer you to more business.

  1. Virtual painter

An average homeowner is usually curious about how their home will look in a particular paint shade. To prevent any indecision on the client's side, you can use 3-D visualization technology to help them see what any room will look like with a specific paint hue. If they like it, you can proceed. If they don't like it, they can choose other shades. This smart technology prevents customer disappointment after an entire paint job is completed. We all know that excellent customer satisfaction leads to greater referrals, positive reviews and growth so this could be something worth considering.  


The painting industry has certainly not lagged behind in regard to technological advancements. Smart technology adoption is commonplace in the painting industry and will help to elevate your business to new heights. Customers love doing business with brands that use up-to-date technology. It makes them come across as more professional and knowledgeable. Consider the ways your business can invest in this technology too and see the benefits it can bring.