Breezemaxweb Launches Its Financial Services Marketing Solutions

Breezemaxweb Launches Its Financial Services Marketing Solutions
The Siliconreview
22 June, 2022

Toronto-based Digital marketing and promotions platform Breezemaxweb announces its Financial services marketing solutions across the country. The announcement is a response to the increasing need for financial assistance from people in all aspects of society. The company considers financial services as an essential and emergency service, especially when people are trying hard to get back to their everyday lives after the challenging circumstances they faced during the pandemic.

The financial services marketing strategy of Breezemaxweb focuses on helping both the service providers and the general public alike. They intend to provide better connectivity between the stakeholders during financial crises. The promotion service targets debt consolidation, borrowing, debt management services, mortgages, financing big projects, etc.

“Our aim is to help people with financial emergencies and debt crises by connecting them with the kind of financial service providers who specialize in debt management and credit facilities for the long term. We also intend to spread financial literacy among the common public and equip them with the best and most reputed service providers to get through their hard times”, said Andrew Faridani, President and CEO of the company.

The marketing and promotion strategies include financial services advertisements using both on and offline facilities, Financial services SEO, Financial services website design, etc. The strategy focuses on paid campaigns, social interactions, influencer marketing, and social media marketing campaigns.

Breezemaxweb gives primary importance to online marketing and Search Engine Optimization to reach out to the customers, considering the increased use of mobile devices by the potential customers in their search for required services. They provide in-depth keyword research and SEO analysis in order to give more of an online presence and google ranking for their clients.

“Our advertising experts understand the industry very well, and they are capable of connecting the right firms with the right customers through their SEO marketing and keyword expertise. We use the most effective tools and in-depth insights and have a commitment to complete transparency to get our clients the exposure and ROI they deserve,” added Andrew Faridani.

Breezemaxweb was established in 2005 and registered in Canada in 2008. It has been recognized as one of Canada’s major digital advertising companies over these years, focusing on industry-tailored marketing solutions. They serve clients all over Canada, including British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Ontario, and Manitoba.