How Do You Calculate The Cost Of Electricity Per Square Foot?

How Do You Calculate The Cost Of Electricity Per Square Foot?
The Siliconreview
29 June, 2022

The electricity bill is one of the most dreaded bills every month. It seems to take a hike due to an increase in usage. This means that family members need to become more aware of how much electricity they consume on a daily basis and what sort of tasks tend to affect the electricity bill.

Many activities in a household lead to a hike in the electricity bill as well, but it is important to know your home's square footage.

Everyone knows that the bigger your home is, the more energy it will consume. Obviously, the number of members within one house tends to be a major factor as well, but the area in which energy is consumed tends to vary as well, especially if there is a variation of the energy units in different areas.

The increase in electricity bill costs due to bigger houses and more surface areas can be understood through the simple correlation of the two factors.

If the house is bigger, there would be more area which would need to be cooled during the summers, and more appliances would be used, along with the lights as well. Hence, it is important to know the square footage as well.

This will help you gain a better idea of how much energy you consume per square footage.

How would square footage have an effect on your electricity bill?

It is important to know that square footage tends to have an important impact on the electricity bill. However, this might not be the case if you are using any primary source of electricity, like solar power or wind power.

It is important to know that renewable resources like wind and solar tend to be free, due to which your electricity bill wouldn't be as much as you might have without solar and wind energy.

This tends to be a great way to reduce electricity bills monthly, but installing solar panels and wind panels can be extremely costly and won't be affordable for everyone.

Hence, one should know the basics of how electricity is impacted by different factors. The square footage of your house would be a major factor that would determine the electricity bill. It is important to be aware of the location along with the REP and other factors which tend to play a major role but not as much as the square footage of the house.

Determining the square footage of the house

If you want to determine the square footage of the house, you can do so through an electricity bill calculator as well as a Utility Bidder.

Through the Utility Bidder, it becomes easy to compare the electricity cost with different areas as well as suppliers. However, if you use an electricity calculator, then you can determine exactly how much electricity you tend to use and how much certain activities can cost you.

Once you properly understand the total amount of electricity you use, you can then find an energy plant that helps your household use electricity but for the least possible cost.

Importance of knowing the electricity costs

For many people, it has become important to understand the costs and prices of everything they do in their daily lives due to the endless problems economically, financially as well as mental.

Not being able to afford a healthy lifestyle with a decent amount of income can be the most frustrating thing, but that's because some people forget about budgeting.

It is important to make monthly budgets to understand where you spend most of your income, so you can establish some controls. Hence, understanding the electricity costs per square foot is important.

According to many reports, it is said that the average electricity cost for a single and detached house within Alberta is $1710 per year. This means a single house spends around $142.02, per month, only on electricity.

Calculation of electricity being consumed per square foot

There are two major options which you can avail yourself of, through which you can calculate your average yearly energy costs.

This includes the money you spend on gas and electricity collectively per square foot. You can do so by either calculating the annual power costs divided by the square foot, or you can follow the steps explained below:

Guide to calculate the electricity costs per square foot

You can manually calculate the electricity costs per square foot as well. This can be done easily, especially if you have lived at your house for at least a year.

  • First of all, add up all the costs of your monthly bills over the whole course of one year.
  • Then, divide the total of all the costs by the square footage of your house. This should exclude the unheated and unlit areas of the house.

Even though this is a simple method of calculating the electricity cost per square foot, it might not be the most accurate one.

This is because; the electricity prices tend to vary a lot. Hence, it is recommended to calculate the average kWh consumption per square foot.

Calculating your home’s power consumption

It might be time-consuming for you to calculate the electricity you consume, due to which you can go for calculating your house's power consumption per square foot as well.

For this, you need to first identify the monthly kWh consumption on your bills and then add up the monthly power consumption. Then, you are supposed to divide the total by your house's square footage.

Hence, you can see that the manual calculation of your own consumption of electricity and costs per square footage tends to provide accurate estimations for the amount of power in the house and how much is consumed, as well as its monthly and per square foot costs.

If you aren’t interested in going through the manual calculation, make sure you keep in mind that electricity tends to cost a lot and it varies depending on the following factors:

  • Number of the people living at home
  • Age of the house
  • The number of electrical appliances that are used
  • The level of insulation at the house
  • Whereabouts in the city
  • How much you pay every month for your electricity


Conclusively, you can easily calculate the electricity cost per square foot of your house, through some manual calculations which you can do, as well as using the electricity bill calculator.

However, it is important to know that the electricity cost per square foot highly varies and is dependent on the factors like members of the household, the area the house is located in as well as the electricity unit.