Effective Ways to Promote a YouTube Video

Effective Ways to Promote a YouTube Video
The Siliconreview
28 June, 2022

Nearly 500 hours of video content is published on YouTube every day, which makes it more competitive and requires the best tactics to promote your videos on YouTube and the channel as a whole.

Read this article all the way to the end to learn how to promote your YouTube videos.

Paid and Unpaid promotion on YouTube: A review

Video marketing proved to be more successful than its text equivalent. And this has prompted brands to differentiate their YouTube video promotion with paid and unpaid options.

The following is a summary of the advantages of paid and unpaid promotion on YouTube:

Paid promotion

Paid promotion on YouTube relates to the use of videos by YouTube influencers and celebrities to promote a particular product or brand.

Paid product placement on YouTube can be very profitable for a youtuber who understands the preferences of his/her target audience and has a huge audience of followers.

  • Increasing traffic

Affiliating with a well-known business can actually help you grow your number of subscribers and drive traffic that you would not have had otherwise.

  • Enhancing Engagement

Content that is already popular among your audience, or that you know will benefit them, can help you and your followers interact better. They will relate to you better and tend to start interacting with your content much more often.

  • Increased Revenue

A few youtubers who participate in product placement campaigns get some compensation, whether in the form of cash or freebies. Paid product placement, on the other hand, increases channel traffic, which can generate additional passive income.

Free promotion

Advertising on YouTube is the modern digital version of word of mouth marketing. Attracting more attention and convincing them to pay more attention to your content is no easy task in the digital age. There are millions of channels struggling every day to get the most exposure, engagement and reach available on YouTube.

However, despite all of the previously mentioned challenges, here are a few reasons why organic promotion on YouTube still dominates:

  • This is free

The best thing about organic YouTube promotion is that it provides a 100% return on investment because you profit without investing any money in paid sponsorships and advertising.

That is one of the most important advantages for beginner youtubers who may not have a big budget for advertising. They simply need to play by the rules of the algorithm.

  • More durable

Paid promotion on YouTube is limited by budget availability and time duration. This limits creators' ability to make content unrestrainedly. Conversely, organic promotion rewards youtubers in the long run.

How to promote a channel on YouTube

Now that we have finished discussing the various ways available for the YouTube promotion, let's get on with business and see how you can promote your own YouTube videos:

1. Create keyword-oriented video titles

Focusing your video content on the correct keywords will allow you to generate more organic views. The relevant keywords will help familiarize viewers as well as search engines with the topic of your video.

To find out how common a keyword is on YouTube, go to the Keyword Planner by Google and then select YouTube search on the far right.

2. Make use of relevant tags

YouTube tags help recognize your video content and help the algorithm determine what to expect for people who decide to watch your video.

These tags, along with the title and description, should express the essence of your video. Keep short-tail SEO in mind when composing your video tags.

3. Make sure you work on the content of your videos

Because your content on YouTube should benefit viewers, whether it is teaching them how to do or understand something, or simply keeping them motivated and fascinated.

As viewers find your videos worthwhile, they will return for more and share them with others, generating more views and boosting the number of your future YouTube subscribers.

4. Do not be afraid to buy YouTube views

It is a common opinion that buying YouTube views and likes leads to nothing but a waste of money. In fact, everyone wants social proof. If your channel has enough subscribers, videos gather comments and viewers, it means you are paying attention to interesting content and you should follow him/her – this is what a new user thinks when he/she looks at your page on YouTube.

Collaborating with professional platforms you can buy YouTube likes and comments from real people.

5. Create the best thumbnails possible

A thumbnail image of your YouTube video can do wonders for improving views of your video on YouTube, either in the suggested videos section, on the organic results page or on other social media platforms.

When your video has close-ups of faces, use high-quality images with legible and eye-catching typography to get maximum attention.

6. Head up your niche

Promoting yourself as an authority on your own videos is one thing, but being an essential part of your particular community is quite another. Place comments on other videos and give advice or criticism.

It takes time to gain a large number of views on YouTube. YouTube has its own rules to guarantee that high-quality video content is always and often available to viewers. Generate a number of active subscribers, and they will make up the bulk of your viewers.