Novel Education Group: The Home-Schooling Company Pioneering A New, Personalized Approach To Learning.

Novel Education Group: The Home-Schooling Company Pioneering A New, Personalized Approach To Learning.
The Siliconreview
16 June, 2022

Novel Education Group, a Los Angeles-based home-schooling and educational enrichment agency is introducing a new, tailor made approach to curriculums. By focusing its programs on one of the student's existing interests, Novel uses this as a keystone around which the rest of the syllabus pivots.

As Tiffany Sorya, CEO of The Novel Education Group, highlights, "Each student is individual and will be motivated by different things. Our courses take this into account, as we personalize each program depending on the needs of each student. Having one blanket curriculum that every child is restricted by is not producing the thriving, exciting educational environment that students deserve."

Studies have shown that personalized learning can help students make more significant gains in subjects such as mathematics and reading, for example, compared to being educated via a standardized curriculum. Promisingly, the boost in progress that tailor-made syllabus can instigate seems to arise regardless of the student's starting level

Novel Education Group is currently gearing up for its 2022 summer enrichment programs, making education more accessible throughout the summer months. As the academic year finishes, the post-pandemic holidays offer not just the chance for a much-needed getaway break but an opportunity for those who feel they may have fallen behind or simply want to get ahead. Novel Education Group has crafted a specialized means of helping students from grades K-12 to do just that.

Summer enrichment programs have increased across the country, and research has demonstrated that high-ability students raise their expectations, feel better about themselves, and engage in higher-level dialogue when working with students of similar abilities. In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the field's growth exponentially, picking up the slack of schools that have become embroiled in the challenges of successive lockdown measures introduced over the past two years.

Novel Education Group has focused on providing developmentally appropriate learning experiences for talented students, identifying those students who have such needs, and then providing additional educational opportunities that ensure that students are challenged. The Novel Education Group provides specialized enrichment programs over a 4-12 week period tailored to fit each student's specific goals. These are centered around cultivating a specific passion or interest that the student has, and then other academic skills are introduced throughout the course, such as reading, writing, and mathematics. This personalization is what sets Novel Education apart, with the emphasis always being on making the course as engaging as it possibly can be for the individual student.

The group uses a variety of teaching styles that have quickly gained the attention of high-profile clients, with alumni including many actors, influencers, business leaders, tech moguls, artists, and athletes. Novel Education Group is looking to make a qualitative impact on the ways in which we educate our students, offering its services as one of the first of its kind across the digital sphere on an international scale.

Tiffany Sorya underlines that "Despite the pandemic, the educational world is more competitive than ever, and students are looking for new ways to bolster their learning skills. We help students to attain their targets while also keeping their education fun and centered around their pre-existing passions so that it never descends into monotony. It's incredibly rewarding to see students that, after starting the course feeling insecure about their educational blind spots, then at the end of the program walk away full of confidence."