People Leader Accelerator Announces That It Is Mentoring The Next Generation Of HR Leaders

People Leader Accelerator Announces That It Is Mentoring The Next Generation Of HR Leaders
The Siliconreview
08 June, 2022

The co-founder of People Leader Accelerator, Andrew Bartlow uses his decades of experience in top-level HR positions to guide today’s HR professionals through an ever-challenging landscape. With 40-year-high inflation rates and pandemic-fuelled pressures on employee well-being, HR practitioners have been forced to adapt and take on more commitments than ever.

Bartlow’s previous HR roles at both huge Fortune-100 enterprises and small start-ups mean he is acutely aware of the various stresses and strains that the position inevitably entails. Bartlow eventually left the top HR job of his employer so that he could spend more time with his family. This motivation to strike a healthy work-life balance underpins one of the philosophies behind People Leader Accelerator, where HR leaders are taught how to prioritize effectively to avoid burnout.

Through its programs and workbooks, the company helps HR leaders to identify which priorities are most important and strengthen the link between what they’re working on and what matters most to the organization.

“After leaving my last traditional day job, I wanted to be helpful to others. I wanted to share the knowledge I had accumulated over my career to help other HR leaders. It’s a difficult function to work in, particularly in today’s climate, and I’m deeply motivated to help other HR professionals be more successful,” Bartlow underlined.

Through People Leader Accelerator, Bartlow has helped HR leaders to navigate difficult scenarios and constructively influence their company’s C-suite. His mentorship is carried out both in one-on-one settings and in small group environments.

“I want to be useful. Some people just want the playbook. Others want the walk-through with a lot of coaching. We try to meet our audience where they are at to help them be more successful.”

People Leader Accelerator provides three distinct tiers of support to HR professionals and tailors its offerings to suit each client’s needs, whether they want the learning to be largely self-led or instruction-heavy. First, they offer self-paced “Guides,” which serve as workbooks that allow users to progress through at their own speed. The second level consists of focused “Sprints,” which involve in-depth discussions and concentrated tutoring in a small group setting on specific areas of HR, spread over the course of two 90-minute sessions. Finally, the most rigorous of People Leader Accelerator’s services is its 16-week program, which provides intensive executive development in a cohort-based setting for the top HR leaders of high-growth, founder-led organizations.

70% of employees report that their work defines their sense of purpose, which means the role of HR professionals and executives in helping employees to find purpose and meaning in their jobs is more crucial than ever. Furthermore, 45% of employees feel emotionally drained as a result of their jobs. HR leaders can positively influence the workplace to help employees derive more enjoyment and a greater connection through their day-to-day working lives.

Bartlow recognizes just how vital HR leaders are in the modern working environment. It was this appreciation that partially inspired his book, ‘Scaling for Success: People Priorities for High Growth Organizations,’ which was co-authored by Bartlow’s People Leadership Accelerator co-founder Dr. Brad Harris. Covering a range of topics, from organizational structure to talent acquisition to culture, ‘Scaling for Success’ epitomizes the purpose that underpins the People Leadership Accelerator program: to help HR leaders to thrive in a changing and challenging world.