7 Ways the Metaverse Will Change Online Gaming

7 Ways the Metaverse Will Change Online Gaming
The Siliconreview
08 July, 2022

With the metaverse quickly heading to mainstream status, it will be changing a lot of things including the way we do things online. From how we socialize to how we digest content, news, and of course, how we game.

Whether you love online casino slots, League of Legends, or Clash of Clans, the metaverse is set to change how we game forever.

What is the Metaverse?

To start, you may not know what the metaverse is. In simple terms, the metaverse is an online world that is designed to help you work, socialize, game, and do dozens of other activities, all in one “virtual world.”

Virtual Reality

One area of gaming that has already seen huge leaps over the past few years is virtual reality. More and more game designers are looking to create worlds you can be a part of, instead of just worlds you game in.

The metaverse is going to make this much easier to do as it will provide the framework for games like this. The metaverse will be a virtual reality experience anyway; combining the two is only logical.



Cryptocurrency is going to be the standard in the metaverse. There have been many articles published discussing how the metaverse will have its own crypto, and users can pay for everything using these tokens.

Crypto can also then be implemented into games as a way to pay for skins, DLC, etc., or as something you can win and earn. Players could earn metaverse tokens by playing a game for a specific amount of time, achieving a goal, or winning tournaments. 


NFTs may be on a downward trend at the moment, but the metaverse could revive them. What we will likely see are skins, weapons, characters, etc., being turned into NFTs instead of something you just see on screen.

What this means is that the $20 character skin you bought is not only yours and yours alone but now has real value. You will be able to trade or auction them like you would any other NFT.

Metaverse and Real-World Connection

Even though the metaverse is entirely online, it doesn’t mean it will be separate from the real world. The metaverse will be able to implement aspects of the outside world into its virtual world, using the concept of the Internet of Things.

Using IoT, data from the real world can be transferred into the metaverse, allowing for things in the virtual world to react and change like they would in the real world. A simple example would be being able to recreate the current weather within the metaverse.

Game Selection

Online gambling is a sector that is going to see a lot of change thanks to the metaverse. Many can agree that the space has always been primed to have vast gaming libraries but has been held back for any number of reasons.

However,  the metaverse will make it easier to create virtual casinos instead of online gambling sites. This will allow gambling companies to expand their reach, as well as expand their game offerings.

Open Online Worlds

The best example of how metaverse will be able to create massive online worlds is to look at a game that already did it. Second Life was a title that allowed players to live in a virtual world, party with other players, buy property, create friendships and relationships, and do everything else they could do in the real world.

The metaverse will allow developers to create games that combine with the metaverse and create huge open worlds. On a bigger scale, imagine being able to walk into the world of Warcraft and then into a world full of Pokemon; it could be possible someday, very soon.


Metaverse Life

The metaverse will help bridge the gap between gaming and regular life. Right now, you need to turn your console or PC off because you have to go to work and study. While this is completely normal, and we are accustomed to it, the metaverse wants to change that.

It wants to create an ecosystem that enables people and players to stay on no matter what they have to do. While this won’t be for everyone, it is a unique aspect of technology.