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Mirigos Improving The Quality Of Outsourced Talent

Mirigos Improving
The Silicon Review
25 July, 2022

If there is one thing that an outsourced employee hates, it’s when their managers or employers use an obscure software or platform and expect them to use it like a pro. On the other hand, an employer's pet peeve is when their outsourced talent doesn’t put in the effort into their projects because they don’t have any emotional ties to the company. These are two of the biggest productivity problems in the workforce identified by Mirigos, a hiring agency that specializes in outsourcing talent.

Set up by Zhenya Rozinskiy, the founder explains that, “In recent years, we’ve seen an explosion of demand for remote jobs and remote workers. Coming out from the global Covid-19 pandemic, you’d assume that people would be ecstatic to return to their workplace, but the fact is that many people have grown accustomed to some level of freedom and do not wish to be tied down to an office job… and companies have also wisened up to the fact that there is cheaper labor available… in a different country.”

The drive for outsourcing might have been propelled forward by the pandemic and its subsequent work from home orders, but people are choosing to work from home or become freelancers for the sole purpose of keeping their newfound freedom. Furthermore, as Rozinskiy mentioned above, outsourcing can oftentimes be beneficial to a company, especially in a one-off project, a tight budget, or simply for better talent. Sometimes outsourced talent can do a much better job than local talent, while asking for much less.

While these are all good and well, Mirigos is attempting to bridge the divide between talent and employers, in order to foster better productivity and professionalism. They are doing this by building a database of approved recruits. Says Rozinskiy regarding the hiring process, “Our model has correctly identified and solved the most common issues we found with outsourcing. We source talent using our internal recruiters and our connections with external recruiters. Our candidates prove to be a good match culturally in addition to meeting the technical requirements of the roles. We also ensure that your employees work under your direct supervision, and you get full control of your team once we place the candidates. Their deliverables, assignments, priorities, and even their pay are up to the US-based employer. We do our best to stay out of the picture. We might pay them, but they work for you. We source the best talent from Eastern Europe, Latin America, and the US to ensure that you get access to better candidates. The end result is that both the employers and the employees are happier in the long run. Augmenting your technical team will no longer be an issue for you.”

Having a streamlined process of recruiting, it will greatly reduce time and resources that companies have to invest in finding reliable candidates that meet their expectations.

“We understand that recruitment is a time consuming process and Mirigos is here to assist by making it painless and as efficient as possible.”