Top 3 Areas Where Celebrities Purchase Real Estate

Top 3 Areas Where Celebrities Purchase Real Estate
The Siliconreview
28 July, 2022

Dubai, UAE, is often mentioned with the word “luxury”. Luxury mansions, luxury malls and boutiques, luxury hotels and beaches, luxury cars and parties. So it’s not wondering that A-category celebrities purchase off-plan projects in Dubai the UAE.

According to statistics, every year the number of wealthy people owning a property in this unique city grows by 2 to 3%. 

Palm Jumeirah

This is a man-made archipelago of offshore islands in Dubai. It is home for private residences and hotels. Sometimes this site is described as “living in Bali having a teleportal to New York”: it is a quite luxury area with private villas and beaches, but it will take you just 15 minutes to drive to Dubai center with music, streams of people, and the thick of things.

Besides, this site maintains especially high standards of privacy and safety. No wonder that stars often choose properties here: they enjoy their time away from the big city’s hustle and bustle and, when they want some gaieties of the city, the go to Downtown Dubai.

  • The Bechhams

David and Victoria own a large 7-beroom villa in Palm Jumeirah and a property in the iconic Burj Khalifa scycraper.

  • Shahrukh Khan

This Bollywood actor is a star in renowned #BeMyGuest campaign which promotes tourism in the UAE. So it is not surprising that he owns a 6-bedroom mansions in Palm Jumeirah.

It is reported that Tiger Woods, Donald Trump, Robert De Niro, Kim Kardashian, and Michael Jordan also own or have owned real estate in Palm Jumeirah, but due to safety and privacy there is no up-to-date information about these celebrities and their properties.

Downtown Dubai

Downtown Dubai is the very heart of the large urban area. This is a 2-square-kilometer area of the vibrant big-city life. Here you will find numerous residential and commercial properties, as well as such world-famous attractions as The Singing Fountains, Dubai Mall, Dubai Opera, and Burj Khalifa tower. Here people from all the world come to admire architecture, enjoy shopping and participate in numerous cultural and business events.

It is quite obvious that people who prefer to stay in the center of modern urban life purchase real estate units here. Especially A-category celebrities who are glad to have a life full of different events.

  • Giorgio Armani

The famous designer partnered with Emaar Properties in 2004 and launched his own hotel in Downtown Dubai, one of the hottest spots in the city.

  • Shilpa Shetty

Shilpa Shetty is a Bollywood superstar of 90s. She received an apartment in Burj Khalifa as a gift from her husband. Later she sold the apartment and purchased a villa in Palm Jumeirah.

  • Lindsay Lohan

This A-category Hollywood star is going to design on of the islands. According to tabloids, Lindsay Lohan currently owns a property in Downtown Dubai.

  • Boris Moiseev

This Russian star purchased an apartment in Burj Khalifa, on 102nd floor. A year later he sold the apartment and opened a ballet school in Mayami.

  • Kseniya Sobchak

The celebrity owns an apartment in Regis Resicences community. This is a 2-bedroom apartment with a view at the iconic Burj Khalifa tower.

The World Islands

This is a new thrilling project: an archipelago of artificial islands in the shape of the world map. There are ambitious plans to further develop this area making it The Universe.

Meanwhile one can buy not just a villa here, but an entire island called after one of the world’s countries.

The villas here are state-of-the-art luxury mansions, which can astonish the most sophisticated admirers of luxury real estate. For example, there are villas with an underwater room: it is a floor situated below sea level where you can enjoy viewing different fishes and sea wildlife in the artificially cultivated coral reef. There are also villas with a snow room: a large room with temperature of -5 ˚C, with snow and ice. This is really astonishing among the hot Dubai scenery.

  • Madonna

Madonna owns a mansion in The World Islands and a 1.4-kilometer-long private beach.

  • Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie

This star couple reportedly own a property in The World Islands: it is Ethiopia island. But it is still a mystery whether they sold the property or not after they parted.

  • Sir Richard Branson

This British entrepreneur, who founded the Virgin Group in 1970s, purchased Great Britain island here.

  • Michael Schumacher

This German racing driver was given an island near Antarctica in this man-made archipelago as a gift by the ruler of Dubai, Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

Choosing a Buy-to-Invest or Buy-to-Live Property

Now is the perfect time to look for an investment real estate in Dubai, UAE, or a home to live. The city is constantly growing and offering an endless number of opportunities to live and work. Subsequently, real estate price also grow up every year.

AX Capital experts will always be glad to assist you in choosing a real estate unit in Dubai, the UAE, and with all the documents needed to purchase it. You will find the details about properties currently on offer on our website And if you still have any questions about buy-to-live or buy-to-invest property, please feel free to contact our experts.