CCAAS: The Solution for the Fu...


CCAAS: The Solution for the Future Communications

The Silicon Review
16 September, 2022

For several reasons, Contact Center as a Service solution has recently grown in popularity. First off, most businesses are switching to contact centres from call centres. Because they promote an Omni channel approach to communication, CCaaS contact centres are better suited for consumers in the digital age.

The problems of conventional call centres are fixed with CCaaS software. Conventional call centres can result in high hardware and system upkeep expenditures, expensive IT services, and significant business downtime expenses.

What is offered by Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS)?

The Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) software deployment model enables businesses to only spend money on the technology they require. A vendor often runs it to cut down on the costs associated with IT, integration, and support. CCaaS solutions are most frequently implemented in contact centres as cloud-based CX solutions. However, there are specific situations where an on-premise CCaaS software solution is preferable.

What benefits does CCAAS provide to the world?

Fast Deployment:Opening a call centre can take months, from selecting technology to establishing data storage and security. However, if you use CCaaS, setting up a contact centre might be as simple as downloading an app for your computer system or your staff members' smartphones. You may even be able to start with less office space because agents can operate remotely if they have access to the CCaaS software.

Improved customer experience:Earlier, clients could only get service over the telephone or in person. The internet opened up additional methods for communicating with your customers, in addition to email and website contact. Call centres evolved into contact centres due to technological advancements, and businesses were forced to change to maintain the same level of customer service.

Increased Flexibility: With the help of CCaaS solutions, your company can quickly increase or decrease its contact centre to meet week, month, or holiday-specific demands.

Managers may add agents to the platform, given the required access privileges, and added in a single day. Because you don't need to provide an entirely new hardware configuration or new office space, adding agents is simple when assistance has to increase for busier times.

Security Overview:In itself, more secure than on-site call centres, CCAAS platforms are obligated to adhere to stricter data security rules. The risk of local intrusion is reduced by CCaaS platforms, which keep data in the cloud instead of on-site contact centres that may have paper trails and physically vulnerable hard drives.

Integrated information:Traditional contact centres frequently span several departments, some of which may not efficiently communicate information. To make finding necessary information easier, integrated contact centre software gathers it all in one location from CRM, Helpdesk, e-Commerce, and interfaces with other crucial company systems.

Lower Cost: Utilizing a contact centre as a service might result in significant equipment and maintenance cost reductions. Software administration tasks, including implementation, licensing, product updates, and debugging, are handled by the CCaaS provider. Even though a CCaaS subscription is a more regular cost than upgrading equipment as needed, this degree of software support frequently results in cost savings.

CCaaS Service Provider

As we have all about CCaaS, let’s have a look at the globally recognized company, from 1986 Odigo is famous for its exceptional services to modernize technology after a long journey Odigo maintains but also improved its services.

Odigo: Top Contact Service (CCAAS) Provider in the World

With the help of a global omnichannel management solution, Odigo offers Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) solutions that simplify contact between big businesses and individuals. Odigo enables organizations to connect with the essential human element of engagement while entirely using digital opportunities because of its cutting-edge methodology built on empathy and technology.

Odigo solution is the best for helping agents and meeting client expectations. With more than 25 years of expertise, Odigo is a pioneer in the industry. Over 400,000 people are supported by Odigo worldwide, which has 250 clients.

Personalized Customer Experience with Odigo

Odigo doing great with the following products:


Utilize a cloud contact centre solution to integrate all of your voice and digital channels. This solution will result in frictionless customer journeys, boost customer happiness, and improve agent experience.


Adopt smart automation techniques that enhance your customer self-service capabilities and free up your agents to handle high-value conversations that call for particular expertise and empathy.


Odigo Utilize intelligent routing to quickly match your customers with the agents most qualified to help them to increase first contact resolution (FCR) rates.

AI Tools

Deploy AI tools to improve sentiment analysis skills, allow "agent assist" features, restructure workflows, and boost operational efficiency.


Odigo is quite smart. With a system that is simple to use and practical, you can engage both your consumers and your agents.

Optimized performance

Apply tools that help you evaluate service quality (recording and quality monitoring), evaluate performance (real-time agent supervision, statistics, and analytics), and staff your contact centre more effectively.

Cloud-based Solutions

For the adaptability and security, you require succeeding, pick a CCaaS provider that is also a telecom operator. They will deliver end-to-end, scalable, cloud-based solutions along with a global voice network and open APIs.

Customer Experience

Elevate your customers with an attractive, data-driven Odigo solution that offers greater visibility, comfort, and control, while enabling Thoughtful Design to improve agent engagement and effectiveness.

Getting the user experience right is the foundation of a successful contact centre, so Codigoworks for both agent and customers’ happiness. Odigo thinks that interactions between agents and customers have a significant, mutual link.

Odigo will Enhance your Business

Odigo offers more than just cutting-edge tech. You may use that software to create an end-to-end solution that is perfect for your company with the help of our connectivity and user experience consulting services.

From the start, odigo always adopt quality contact centre strategies for the customers. Its amazing services are as under:

Professional services

Create the ideal Odigo CCaaS configuration for your company requirements and launch your new solution quickly and effectively to reduce time to value.

Integration services

Use the transition plan that is best for your company and deploy a solution that is fully optimized for your information systems and customer context.

Consulting CX

Receive professional assistance in organizing, establishing, and sustaining the fundamental elements of your cloud contact centre solution that enhance the customer experience.

Client Success

With the help of transformation management and sales success coaching, you can quickly and easily get your Odigo CCaaS solution adopted and achieve continual improvement.


By offering 24/7/365 assistance, Odigo can make sure that your contact centre can continue to offer your customers the highest calibre of service.

CCAAS-Features By Odigo

Access Controls/Permissions

AI/Machine Learning

Alerts / Escalation

Automatic Call Distribution

Blended Call Center

Call Center Management

Call Logging

Call Monitoring

Call Recording

Call Routing

Call Scripting

Call Transfer

Callback Scheduling

Campaign Management

CES Survey Structure