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Noida International Airport Awards Concession for Duty-Free and Retail to Consortium

Noida International Airport Awards Concession
The Silicon Review
13 May, 2024

The domestic retail section at NIA aims to revolutionize the shopping paradigm for Indian travelers

In a decisive move ahead of its anticipated late 2024 opening, Noida International Airport (NIA) has awarded the duty-free and retail concession to a consortium led by Heinemann Asia Pacific and BWC Forwarders Private Limited, prevailing over stiff competition. The contract encompasses a spectrum of offerings, including duty-free operations by Heinemann and master concessions for domestic and international retail by BWC Forwarders. Promising a seamless and enriching experience for travelers, NIA assures that passengers traversing through its corridors will encounter Heinemann-branded stores irrespective of their destination. Pioneering an innovative market walkthrough concept, the domestic retail section at NIA aims to revolutionize the shopping paradigm for Indian travelers, integrating a diverse array of international and indigenous brands under one roof.

Setting a precedent in airport retail environments within India, the domestic retail space will exude a captivating ambiance, showcasing leading international labels alongside indigenous artifacts and handicrafts sourced from Uttar Pradesh. Emphasizing the rich cultural heritage of the region, NIA pledges to enchant passengers with a curated collection of regional masterpieces, reflecting the artisanal traditions of Uttar Pradesh. Furthermore, the international duty-free segment vows to deliver an unparalleled shopping extravaganza, boasting an extensive array of premium brands spanning liquor, tobacco, confectionery, cosmetics, and more. Complementing this offering are regional handicrafts, ayurvedic products, and a diverse range of gourmet delights, ensuring that passengers embark on their journeys laden with delightful surprises.

With a commitment to providing an immersive retail experience that resonates with the essence of Uttar Pradesh's cultural tapestry, NIA aims to redefine the airport shopping landscape, offering a harmonious fusion of global allure and local charm.