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GenS to Revolutionize Senior L...


GenS to Revolutionize Senior Living with Comprehensive Well-Being Platform

GenS Revolutionize Senior Living Comprehensive
The Silicon Review
19 June, 2024

Members can enjoy up to eight comedy shows per month, fostering social interaction and entertainment

GenS, an innovative platform designed for individuals over 60, is set to launch in July. Founded by Meenakshi Menon and supported by industry veterans including Bhaskar Das, Dilip Cherian, Amit Bose, Namita Roy Ghose, Indu Kak, Ramesh Menon, and Jignesh Barasara, GenS goes beyond traditional services that focus only on healthcare. It aims to combat loneliness and foster personal growth, addressing the physical, mental, emotional, financial, and social well-being of seniors. This initiative is particularly timely given the global increase in the senior population. By 2050, it is projected that there will be more people over 60 than children under 15. In India alone, the population of those aged 60 and above, currently over 10% (149 million), is expected to rise to 21% (340 million) by 2050, according to the India Ageing Report by UNFPA and IIPS. Despite this significant demographic, brands and advertisers often overlook the spending power of older adults, typically targeting younger audiences.

GenS addresses this gap with a subscription model priced at Rs 100 per month, offering affordability and accessibility. Members can enjoy up to eight comedy shows per month, fostering social interaction and entertainment. Additionally, GenS collaborates with prominent partners like Zerodha for financial education, Thomas Cook and Breakaway for travel, and WillJini, EasyInherit, and Yellow for estate planning. These collaborations ensure comprehensive support, making GenS a one-stop solution for senior citizens seeking to enhance their quality of life.

GenS's holistic approach promises to redefine aging, providing a platform where seniors can thrive, stay connected, and continue to grow.