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Bluecore Acquires Indian Firm Betaout

siliconreview Bluecore Acquires Indian Firm Betaout

Bluecore, an American automation firm has acquired India’s Betaout, a retail company. The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed by any of the firms.

Now, the Bluecore’s India and Asia-Pacific operations will be handled by Ankit Maheshwari, Arjun Maheshwari, Raghubir Thakur and Nandini Rathi (Betaout co-founders). Mayank Dhingra, another co-founder will leave Betaout after the transaction process is completed.

Earlier, the two companies have participated in a programme called the global accelerator network Techstars programme. Since the Indian company started to make progress in 2015, it was selected by Techstars. Earlier mobile technology startup MartMobi was also selected by Techstars.

With the acquisition, Bluecore establishes in over 60 nations worldwide.

According to Fayez Mahamood, chief executive and co-founder of Bluecore, the Indian company has expertise in channels beyond email like Facebook, onsite, mobile push, SMS, which are serious to the future of the retail marketing tech stack.

Betaout was established in 2014. The company’s platform helps customers to develop user intelligence and offers tools that engage with users through SMS, live chat and email. In 2017, the company collected funds through East Ventures, an early-stage venture firm. The venture firm originates from Indonesia and South East Asian Angel investors.

Bluecore is a firm that provides technology to marketers to carryout personal campaign through retail marketing technology. It will connect real-time product and consumer data. The company utilizes technologies like AI to find out the timing for the next-best communication based on the shopper’s onsite behaviour and other factors.