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The Latest Tech for the New Renault Koleos

siliconreview The Latest Tech for the New Renault Koleos

The new Renault Koleos contains the latest technology which includes customizable touchscreen along with a very high-level and Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS). It also includes Bose speaker which is a huge plus for the automobile. Here, it is possible to create a driving environment based on the drivers’ choice with the help of the fully-integrated personalization features. This software aids in driving, safety, multimedia and more. Further, it hosts application that can be downloaded to improve the user experience. With a wide range of customizable dashboard, a user’s personality can be brought out.

The ADAS uses the system called R-Link 2 to alert the driver to any presence of objects or humans especially in the blind spots of the driver. These blind spots include the rare end, bottom of the car and the rim area. All of this is given in a visual output on the rare view mirror. In the case where many suffer to park or align the car in the exact parking space, this aids by guiding them to accurately measure the surroundings and place the car in the exact space in which it should be present. In the situation where you the driver cannot park the car, the automobile activates its auto-pilot and takes the initiative of parking itself. This method is also applied for moving the car from the parking space as well. Not to mention, the driver doesn’t even have to be involved in the steering process.

The Arabian automobile surely is making its mark with the lockable differential system for wheel spin control and electronic stability programme for targeting wheels individually. Let us see if they have new innovations coming in the future.