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Language Transparency Through Real-Time Translation Software

siliconreview Language Transparency Through Real-Time Translation Software

Languages were created so that communication will be simple and easy. Two people who understand the same language can communicate better. But it’s not the same when two people talk two different languages. Now, this problem is solved through the latest innovation called as real-time translation. This new technology will allow you to translate words, street signs, food menus and more by using either voice recording or pictures.

Google assistant will translate all the conversation; convert it to more than 40 different languages and it does it almost instantly. Further, you can use Samsung’s Galaxy S9 camera to translate food menus, street signs and more. Carnegie Mellow University has also developed a software tool through which lectures can be translated for students who belong to different regions.

Social media providers are also implementing this idea. Skype and other such platforms give you a chance to understand what the other person is saying in a different language. Facebook’s messenger will also be translating conversations in real time. Also, Microsoft translation app will now work without any connection to the internet. It also won’t be connected to any cellular devices, which is very helpful in real-time. When Amazon opened its office in Pittsburgh, it snagged some of the top researchers from CMU who work on translation software. Then they set up an engineering center in Pittsburgh to develop ways to shift Amazon products and contents between various languages.

Top firms are implementing real-time translation software for a better language transparent society. We might see more innovations in the future and hopefully, by using these tools, we will break all language barriers.