Bose Creates New Noise-cancellation Technology for Cars

siliconreview Bose Creates New Noise-cancellation Technology for Cars

Bose unveils the latest version of its noise-canceling headphones QuietComfort for cars. The new app’s design has the capability to reduce unwanted sounds inside the vehicle.

The company’s new technology- QuietComfort RNC, which is adapted on the headphones measures vibrations on the vehicle body caused by driving over uneven roads. It sends a cancellation signal through the car’s speakers which cuts down the road noise that passengers can hear.

According to the company, the new versions of speakers are smarter, flexible and are an adaptable electronic solution than the older version. The new technology is now available to automakers worldwide which are working with Bose. It is custom engineered to specific cars during the development process.

QuietComfort RNC is ideal for electric cars because it doesn’tproduce the sound of an internal combustion engine to cover up the sound produced by the moving vehicle.

Currently, some countries and companies have decided to stop making petrol engine cars in a few years, therefore electric cars will become gain more popularity.

The accelerometers are responsible for cutting down the noise and picks up vibrations while driving. There is a signal processing software which computes an acoustic cancellation signal based on the data and delivers it through the vehicle's speakers.

With the help of existing technologies, companies will combine the new development to produce a comprehensive sound-system for cars.

The cars equipped with QuietComfort RNC will start to roll out in the market by 2021.