Fortnite Players Will Finally Have Enhanced Controller Support with the 7.30 Update

siliconreview Fortnite Players Will Finally Have Enhanced Controller Support with the 7.30 Update

Mobile players of Fortnite will now be getting a new update to the game that will offer a controller support for both Android and iOS users. The Fortnite update 7.30gives smartphone players the same advantages that PC and console players had until now. However, as compared to iOS users, Android users will have a greater range of controllers to choose from. While players using the Android platform can just depend on Bluetooth connection for the controllers like the ones in Xbox One and PS4, iPhone users have to go a bit extra and will need anMFi certified controller.

In addition to that, the patch will also offer some small fixes and new items in the game like a Chiller Grenade, a weapon that makes players slide uncontrollably for seven seconds making them easy targets. A new limited time mode too has been added. Called the Solid Gold, this mode makes every weapon drop legendary and enables players to collect materials faster.

A few days ago, Check Point Software Technologies Ltd, a cybersecurity solution provider discovered that the game had certain vulnerabilities that could have negatively affected the players of Fortnite. Hackers could easily exploit the vulnerabilities to gain full access to a user’s account and their personal information and then persuade them to buy virtual in-game currency by using their payment card details.Fortnite players have been targeted by scams earlier that deceived them into logging into fake websites promising to generate Fortnite’s ‘V-Buck’ in-game currency. Such vulnerabilities could have been exploited without the player handing over any login details.