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Indonesian Satellite Nusantara Satu launched successfully

siliconreview Indonesian Satellite Nusantara Satu launched successfully

Indonesia’s first ever internet-only satellite, Nusantara Satu satellite was launched on Friday. The satellite was carried by a SpaceX Falcon 9 space rocket.  To see the launch, more than 300 people were gathered in front of the lobby of telecommunications company Pasifik Satelit Nusantara (PSN) in Jakarta.

The new satellite will aim to fill the digital gap for Indonesia and further boost the country’s economy in the places outside of Java.  One of the prominentpeople’s among the viewers was Ravi Talwar, director of finance, Pasifik Satelit Nusantara, an Indonesian telecom company.

“I was anxious. It had to work. We had hundreds of people working on this for four years,” Mr. Talwar was quoted as saying by Jakarta Post.

Within two weeks, the satellite is expected to reach its geostationary orbit above Papua. After reaching, the 15,000 Mbps capacity satellite will provide internet connectivity for the people living in Indonesian villages. The satellite is expected to deliver an internet aped of 3Mbps.

According to Adi Rahman Adiwoso, president of the above-citied telecom company, the company was very confident on growth because of the fact that the telecom infrastructure outside Java is poor and people have to now depend on the satellite-facilitated internet.

Moreover, the telecom company’s promised 3 Mbps internet speed is slower than the last recorded average speed of 7.2 Mbps in Indonesia.

Pasifik Satelit Nusantara is so positive about its market potential that it has already started to work on two more satellite and intends to launch in 2020 and 2022 respectively.